Autism Resources

What Should You Do if You Suspect Your Child Has Autism?

Kerry Peterson of Kaufman Children's Center in West Bloomfield offers advice.

Minimizing Screen Time for Kids With Autism

Balancing screen time with other activities can be difficult, but it's not impossible. The Clinical Director of Gateway Pediatric Therapy's Bingham Farms location offers advice for parents of kids with autism.

How Incidental Teaching Benefits Kids With Autism

The owner of Spark Center for Autism in Farmington Hills discusses this unique way of teaching kids with autism and offers advice to trying it at home.

Encouraging Kids With Autism to Try New Foods

The network director of Autism Home Support Services' Michigan locations dishes on how tasting sessions during ABA therapy can encourage even the pickiest eaters try new foods.
Two puzzle pieces that look like pizza

Fredi the PizzaMan Foundation for Autism Helps Local Schools

Sensory rooms in Michigan classrooms are getting a boost from the metro Detroit restaurateur and dad who runs Fredi the PizzaMan Foundation for Autism.
gateway pediatric therapy sensory diet

Serving Up a ‘Sensory Diet’ for Children on the Spectrum

An occupational therapist with Gateway Pediatric Therapy dishes on sensory diets and how they help kids with autism overcome over- and under-responsiveness.

How to Build Your Child’s Social Skills at Home

It isn't always easy to get kids on the autism spectrum to communicate. A board-certified behavior analyst with Autism Home Support Services offers advice.

When is a Tantrum More Than a Tantrum?

There could be more to your child's outbursts. Here, a board-certified behavior specialist with Autism Home Support Services offers insight and advice.

How to Help Children Develop Handwriting Skills

Chris Purgatori, MOT, OTRL with Kaufman Children's Center offers steps for young children who are just beginning to write.

Classroom Readiness in Kids With Autism

Adjusting to school is tough, but for kids on the autism spectrum, learning new rules and routines can be even more difficult. Here, the director of centers for Autism Home Support Services offers insight and advice.

Educating Kids With Autism: Collaborating With Your Child’s School

An expert from Comprehensive Early Autism Services explains why it's so important.

Curbing Negative Behaviors in Kids With Autism

Kids with autism can struggle communicating their needs and sometimes use tantrums or self-harm to do so. An expert from Spark Center for Autism offers advice on how to stop these behaviors.