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Tattletale Kids: Why Kids Snitch and What Parents Can Do

School age children are prime culprits. Here's a look at reasons, plus nine tips and ideas to help kids break the habit and build conflict resolution skills.

What to Do When Kids Crawl into Parents’ Beds

Those midnight wake-ups can be tough on parents, too. Here's what's going on with your school-age child, and how to get kids to sleep alone.

How to Stop Kids from Stealing

Why do children steal – and what you can do to stop it? Learn how to deal with a child who steals before it turns into a bigger problem.

Controlling Parenting Could Create Problems for Kids

Authoritarian parents who are too controlling can damage their kid's independence and breed disrespect, a study finds. Learn how to loosen the reins.

How to Deal with Other People's Kids

It can be complicated. Their parents' rules or yours? Can you discipline them? And what about posting photos on Facebook? Some practical dos and don'ts.

Teaching Kids Table Manners, Eating Etiquette

Ready to teach your kids table manners? Children older than age 5 should know these few basic rules of eating with others.

Manners and Kids: Social Skills Still Matter

Etiquette evolves, and new technology makes it trickier. Yet it helps kids foster stronger relationships and better professional prospects. Here are tips for parents to guide them.

Parent Discipline Types and How to Strike a Balance

Are you a law-and-order Tiger Mom or a big softie? Find out the pros and cons of each parenting style and how you can strike a balance.

Tips on How to Teach Kids Self-Control

Want to help your child calm down and get a grip? Here are seven steps for teaching self control to your kids.

I Hate Disciplining My Kids!

How is it that while my parents were happy devotees of spanking, I can barely stand to give my girls time-outs?