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Why Kids Lie

Whether it's a little fib or a whopper of an untruth, kids lie. Find out why and what you can do to help them embrace the truth.

Why Are Some Kids Selfish?

Some kids just don't understand that it's the thought behind gifts that truly counts. Explore why some kids are selfish and what you can do to curb the me, me, me.

Child Afraid to Sleep Alone? What to Do When Kids Crawl Into Your Bed

Is your child afraid to sleep alone? Here's what's going on with your school-age kid, and how to help him become comfortable sleeping solo.
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The Most Effective Tip for How to Discipline a Child

The key to how to discipline a child? A metro Detroit child psychology expert and Growing Leaders' CEO say to focus on consistent prevention vs. punishment.
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Why Some Kids Experience Night Terrors

Get the 411 on the difference between night terrors and nightmares, find out why some kids experience night terrors and how to prevent your kids from having them.
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Learning How to Forgive Others

Find out why holding on to anger, judgment and resentment isn't good for you in these trying times and get tips on how to forgive others.
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What Should You Do if Your Child is Obsessed With Their Private Parts?

A specialist from Children's Hospital of Michigan weighs in on how parents should handle this touchy situation.
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What to Do About Your Overly ‘Handsy’ Kid

Find out why children sometimes don't have a grasp on personal space and get tips on how to how to handle overly handsy kids.
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Why Kids Have Imaginary Friends

It's a common occurrence but still a curious parent might spend time wondering why kids have imaginary friends. Here, an expert offers insight.
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What To Do If Your Child Runs Away – Or Threatens To

By school age, children may start warning their parents they’ll run away and, sometimes, actually leave home. Find out what to do if your child runs away and how to handle them if they're just making threats.
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Stop the Sass: How to Deal With a Mouthy Child

Sick of the sass and backtalk coming from your tween? Here are some expert tips for parents on how to deal with a mouthy child.
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What to Do When Your Child Talks Too Much

Do you have a motormouth kid at home? Here's what to do when your child talks too much – and how to cope without squelching their spirit.