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Helping Kids Find Gray Area and Nuance in Their Thinking

It's a challenge for young children to see gray area in the world. But it can happen with time, patience – and these tips from a metro Detroit child psychology expert.

Dangerous ‘YouTube Challenges’ and Kids: How Parents Can Avoid Tragedy

Would you know if your kids were trying them? Find out what YouTube challenges are, why kids get hooked and how to be on the lookout.

What to Do About Your Overly ‘Handsy’ Kid

Find out why children sometimes don't have a grasp on personal space – and how to handle handsy kids.

Why Smart Teens Do Dumb Things

Blame their brains. Here's a look at the reasons and what you can do.

6 Ways to Stick to Your ‘No’

Don't let the begging get to you; follow these tips to help you stand firm.

What to Do When Your Child Talks Too Much

Do you have a motormouth kid at home? Here's what to do when your child talks too much – and how to cope without squelching their spirit.

Stop the Sass: How to Deal With a Mouthy Child

Sick of the sass? Here are some tips for parents on how to deal with a mouthy child.

Taking Back Power from ‘Alpha Kids’

Studies show that in modern homes, children increasingly rule the roost – often in deceptively harmless ways. Here’s what to look for and how you can rein 'alpha kids' in.

What To Do If Your Child Runs Away – Or Threatens...

By school age, children may start warning their parents they’ll run away and, sometimes, actually leave home. Find out what to do if your child runs away and how to handle them if they're just making threats.

Disrespectful Children: How to Discipline Them

Has your child started acting out or talking back? Here, a local psychologist offers five tips on how parents can respond to this behavior.

Breaking Bad Habits: How to Help Kids Kick Bad Habits

Breaking bad habits isn't easy, especially if your child isn't ready to admit there's a problem. Here's advice on how you can help him kick a habit.

The Dos and Don’ts of Bribing Kids

Feel like you're constantly begging, bartering or getting bowled over? Rethink discipline and discover the dos and don'ts of properly incentivizing your kids.