Child Behavior & Discipline

Tattletale Kids: Why Kids Snitch and What Parents Can Do

Here's a look at why your kid is a tattletale, plus nine tips and ideas to help kids break the habit and build conflict resolution skills.

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Controlling Authoritarian Parenting Could Create Problems for Kids

Authoritarian parenting can be damaging to kid's independence and breed disrespect, a study finds. Learn how to loosen the reins.

Parent Discipline Types and How to Strike a Balance

Are you a law-and-order Tiger Mom or a big softie? Find out the pros and cons of each parenting style and how you can strike a balance.

How to Deal with Other People’s Children

It can be complicated. Their parents' rules or yours? Can you discipline them? And what about posting photos on Facebook? Some practical dos and don'ts.

Manners 101: Laying the Groundwork for Your Kids

Developing social skills starts at home. Here are ways parents can provide a manners 101 course for table manners, phone etiquette, sportsmanship and more.

What Should You Do if Your Child is Obsessed With Their...

A specialist from Children's Hospital of Michigan weighs in on how parents should handle this touchy situation.

Phone Etiquette 101: Teaching Phone Manners

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How to Stop Kids from Stealing

Why do children steal – and what you can do to stop it? Learn how to deal with a child who steals before it turns into a bigger problem.

Why Kids Get Unruly Around the Holidays

Does your child start to act like they belong on the naughty list during the holidays? Here's why – and what to do about it.

Kids Wears the Same Clothes Daily: What to Do

What do you do when your kid wants to wear that one same thing every single day of the week? Here's some advice.