Child Behavior & Discipline

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What to Do When Your Child Talks Too Much

Do you have a motormouth kid at home? Here's what to do when your child talks too much – and how to cope without squelching their spirit.
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Taking Back Power from ‘Alpha Kids’

Studies show that in modern homes, children increasingly rule the roost – often in deceptively harmless ways. Here’s what to look for and how you can rein 'alpha kids' in.
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How to Discipline Disrespectful Children

Has your child started acting out or talking back? Here, a metro Detroit psychologist offers five tips for handling disrespectful children and how to discipline them, too.
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Why Toddlers Hit and What to Do When Your Child Won’t Stop

Any parent whose been slapped by his or her tot has wondered why toddlers hit in the first place. Read on for insight from an Oakland County expert.
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Handling Kids’ Behavior During the Coronavirus Pandemic

What do you do when kids act up out of fear and frustration during a world pandemic? The American Academy of Pediatrics offers these coronavirus tips.
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The Dos and Don’ts of Bribing Kids

Feel like you're constantly begging, bartering or getting bowled over? Rethink discipline and discover the dos and don'ts of properly incentivizing, i.e. bribing, kids.
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Why Your Kids Need Boy-Girl Relationships

Opposite-sex friendships are more important than you may think. Here's why boy-girl relationships are healthy and have plenty of benefits for kids later.
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Embracing Anger and Negative Emotions: Why It Matters for Kids

When children are sobbing or lashing out, it can be hard for parents to help them deal, but it's a huge disservice to shut down them down. Learn why – and how parents can support kids in embracing anger and negative emotions.
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Tattletale Kids: Why Kids Snitch and What Parents Can Do

Here's a look at what motivates tattletale kids, plus nine tips and ideas to help kids break the habit and build conflict resolution skills.
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Teaching Control to Your Overly Competitive Child

From aggression to self-imposed pressure, competitiveness can sometimes negatively affect kids. Work on teaching control to your overly competitive child.
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Why Kids Misbehave and What Parents Can Do

A clinical psychologist weighs in on why kids misbehave – and two local parents share insight on how parents should handle their child's bad behavior.
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Tips on Dealing with Other People’s Kids

It can be complicated. Their parents' rules or yours? Can you discipline them? And what about posting photos on Facebook? Here are some practical dos and don'ts to dealing with other people's kids.