Child Behavior & Discipline

How to Stop Kids from Stealing

Why do children steal – and what you can do to stop it? Learn how to deal with a child who steals before it turns into a bigger problem.

Why Kids Get Unruly Around the Holidays

Does your child start to act like they belong on the naughty list during the holidays? Here's why – and what to do about it.

Kids Wears the Same Clothes Daily: What to Do

What do you do when your kid wants to wear that one same thing every single day of the week? Here's some advice.

Why Babies Drop Objects and What to Do

A Henry Ford Health System pediatrician weighs in on why this happens, how long it lasts and what you should do.

Teaching Kids Table Manners, Eating Etiquette

Ready to teach your kids table manners? Children older than age 5 should know these few basic rules of eating with others.

Manners and Kids: Social Skills Still Matter

Etiquette evolves, and new technology makes it trickier. Yet it helps kids foster stronger relationships and better professional prospects. Here are tips for parents to guide them.

Tips on How to Teach Kids Self-Control

Want to help your child calm down and get a grip? Here are seven steps for teaching self control to your kids.

How to Get Kids to Tidy Up Their Toys

Stop the nagging. Here's how to get young kids to pick up their stuff after they are done playing.

Why Kids Lie and What to Do

How good is your kid lie detector? Here's how to give it a tune up.

Is it OK for Kids to Gossip?

Yes, preschoolers gossip, too. But, it turns out there are actually benefits to a bit of gossiping.

Tantrum Dos and Don’ts

How to put a stop to your toddler’s public meltdowns – or prevent them from happening

I Hate Disciplining My Kids!

How is it that while my parents were happy devotees of spanking, I can barely stand to give my girls time-outs?