Child Behavior & Discipline

Girl in mermaid paint surrounded by leaves

Understanding and Conquering Kids Phobias and Deep-Seated Fears

Kids phobias can be intense. Discover what's behind these deep-seated fears and how to help your child overcome them.

Dangerous ‘YouTube Challenges’ and Kids: How Parents Can Avoid Tragedy

Would you know if your kids were trying them? Find out what dangerous YouTube challenges are, why kids get hooked and how to be on the lookout.
Green monster with a rubber band and purple monster with glue

Why Elementary Kids Tease Their Friends and How to Tame It

Hassling buddies. Picking on peers. Wonder why elementary kids tease each other? Here's how it can be beneficial – and how to address it when it goes too far.
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How to Stop Bad Habits in Children

Breaking bad habits isn't easy, especially if your child isn't ready to admit there's a problem. Here's some smart advice on how to stop bad habits.
Preschool kids curiosity about fire and fire-starting habits

Preschool Kids Curiosity About Fire – and Preventing Firesetting Habits

Kids' curiosity about fire and how to set it is natural – but firesetting behaviors are not. Learn how to spot potential dangers and how to can keep your kids from setting fires.

Ways to Curb Your Child’s Aggressive Behavior

The medical director of child and adolescent psychiatry with Harbor Oaks Hospital in New Baltimore offers insight and advice for parents.

Harsh Parenting May Cause Kids to be Antisocial, Study Says

Parents who opt for an authoritarian parenting style with their kids could cause them to be more antisocial and less empathetic, according to a new study.
owning bad behavior when our kids act up

Owning Bad Behavior When Our Kids Act Up

Metro Parent's editor-in-chief talks about an incident with a friend's child and how it relates to December's cover store about owning bad behavior when kids act up.
Against spanking kids

Pediatricians Amp Up Stance Against Spanking Kids

When it comes to parents using corporal punishment, the American Academy of Pediatrics has taken a strong stand against spanking kids as of late 2018.

Kids Facing Fears and the Example of Marge

Metro Parent's editor-in-chief talks about the October 2018 cover story, which focuses on helping kids face their fears, and her childhood neighbor who let fear cripple her in many ways.
Moving with children

Moving with Children: Tips for Transitioning to a New Home

From discussion and preparation to including children and managing the adjustment, discover some core tips for parents moving with children.
Dos and don'ts of dining out with kids

The Dos and Don’ts of Dining Out With Kids

Is your family restaurant ready? Master the art of dining out with kids at a sit-down eatery with planning, well-considered restrictions and common sense.