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Paying a Stranger $3,000 to Have the Sex Talk With Your...

One British couple would like to do just that. In fact, they want to hire someone to discuss the birds and the bees with both their 7- and 8-year-old children.

Dad-Daughter Girl Scout Cookie Remix Goes Viral

Not much beats Girl Scout cookie season, except maybe a dad who helps step up his daughter's cookie peddling game with a viral hit about each flavor.

Gender Reveals: Are They Innocent or Outdated?

One Twitter user called gender reveal cakes 'weird,' which started a debate on whether or not this practice forces stereotypical gender roles on kids before they're born.

Hatch Mama Belly Mask is a Facial for Your Pregnant Belly

Reduce stretch marks and give your growing belly a facial at the same time with this product. Is it weird or wonderful?

Mom of Four is Crowdfunding Her Tummy Tuck

She posted a picture of her post-baby belly and is asking people to donate toward her goal of $5,000 for the procedure. Would you give her money for this?

School Says Girls Must Dance With Boys When Asked

An elementary school in Utah isn't concerned if a girl doesn't want to dance with a classmate. She still has to say 'yes' when asked.

Are Lady Doritos Going to Hit the Market?

A chip made just for the girls? Not so fast. PepsiCo is backtracking after the company's chief executive Indra Nooyi talked about a less-crunchy chip for ladies.

Parents Can Totally Relate to This Viral Dad Video

Hilarious video by 'The Dad' spoofs cheesy straight-to-consumer pharmaceutical ads and really resonates with parents that need an effing break.

Nurse Practitioner Calls Cops on Mom for Having Postpartum Depression

She needed help dealing with postpartum depression. Instead, her nurse called the cops and put her on lockdown. This is why mental healthcare in America sucks.

Husband Stages ‘Sexy’ House-Cleaning Photo Shoot

This dude took a page from Mr. Clean's book and staged his own sexy photos to send to his wife.

Opinions of H&M Plummet After Hoodie Controversy

The uproar surrounding a racially insensitive hoodie from H&M has died down but the impact lives on.

Mom Makes Her 5-Year-Old Daughter Pay Rent

An Atlanta mother feels it's never too early to help her daughter learn the value of a dollar. Would you adopt her money method with your kids?