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Grandma Shames Daughter for Breast-feeding

It's one thing to be shamed by strangers, but when the judgment comes from your own mom, it takes things to another level.

Is it Bad for Kids to Believe in Santa?

Does your kid believe in Santa? Psychologists claim that the belief could harm children and diminish how much they trust their parents.

Should Parents Wax Their Preschooler’s Upper Lip?

A parenting magazine suggested that if a preschooler's upper lip hair is impacting their happiness that parents should wax it – and parents are peeved.

Kids Giving Makeup Tutorials on YouTube

Increasingly, 4- and 6-year-old girls are showing off their perfect makeup applying skills on the internet. But aren't they too young for that?

The Case for Masturbating During Labor

Having an orgasm can help moms-to-be relax and even move labor along, some reports are saying. But could YOU climax between contractions?

Pot Ad Parodies Pharmaceutical Commercials, Highlights ‘Mom Life’

A marijuana delivery service called Briteside is using 'mom life' to promote their business while poking fun at annoying pharma ads, but is pot right for moms?

Ladies, Do NOT Put Vicks VapoRub in Your Vaginas

While blog posts and forums might say otherwise, it's not a good idea to use this vaporizing ointment to eliminate odor or enhance your sexual pleasure.

Brothers Upset About Disney World Trip Become Faces of Tourism Winnipeg

Two brothers had a meltdown after finding out they were vacationing at Disney World instead of Winnipeg. Now a video of their reaction promotes the city.

Pizza Shop Bans All Kids for Liability and Safety Reasons

One Tampa area pizza shop is taking heat for a new policy that bans kids from the restaurant, citing safety. Does the owner have a point or is it plain rude?

Judge Makes Sexist Comments About Teen Sexual Assault Survivor

He called her 'overweight' and said she must be 'flattered' by the attention. We think he should be kicked out of his own courtroom.

Parents Share Before and After Kids Photos on Instagram

These all-too-relatable pics show just how much life changes once you become a parent.

Woman Trolls Model Brother with Help From Her Toddler

A mom used her toddler to poke fun at her model bro by recreating his steamy Instagram pics – and the results are adorable.