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UK Schools Are Banning Best Friends

To spare his classmate's feelings, Prince George's school says that he can't have a best friend. Is this fair practice or punishment for the popular?

Would You Wear These High-Waist Double Jeans?

They could help cover your mom belly, right? Still, we'll leave these where we found them.

6 Questionable Maternity Shoot Choices

Maternity shoots are a hot trend for pregnant moms but sometimes they're a bit over the top. Here are some delightfully odd examples of bumps gone wild.

Sex-Shaming Homework Assignment Has One Mom Peeved

One Utah mom thinks that her daughter's homework assignment, the 'Know Thyself' questionnaire, is outrageous. And quite frankly, she's right.

Parents Hot-N-Bothered by Bus Driver’s Breadstick Run

One Detroit area bus driver is facing the wrath of local parents after leaving kids in an unlocked and running bus while ordering some breadsticks.

Expandable Children’s Clothing Line Grows With Kids

Children's clothing line Petit Pli offers clothing that grows six sizes. Would you give it a go if it meant you didn't have to constantly buy your kid new clothes?

Court Orders Mom to Switch From Breast to Bottle-Feeding Son

Maryland courts ruled that a local mom must add formula to her exclusively breast-fed son's diet so that her estranged partner can take the boy overnight.

It-Inspired Photos of a Toddler Will Haunt Your Dreams

Just in time for the Stephen King remake to hit theaters, a Mississippi teen transformed his little bro into Pennywise for a frightening photo shoot.

Parents Damage 800-Year-Old Museum Artifact for Photo Op

Proving once again that people will do just about anything to get the perfect social media-ready image – in this case, damaging a very old coffin in the process.

Prank Baby Shower Gift Leaves Parents Scratching Their Heads

Get the new parents in your life real good with the Crib Dribbler. It's completely fake but totally worth the confused looks and awkward laughs.

Girl, Age 7, Received Inappropriate Messages on Popular App

The girl's father recently shared the messages to warn other parents of the dangers kids can encounter online.

Mom Poses for Maternity Photo Shoot at Target

And the totally relatable pics – snapped everywhere from the toy aisle to the freezer section – have gone viral.