Oh Mother

Mom Wanted to Borrow Orange Cat for Children’s Party

The Oklahoma mom threw a Garfield-themed birthday party for her kids and was looking for an orange cat to play the lead. Surprisingly, she actually found one.

Mom Shames Breastfeeding Woman Over Concerns for Her Sons Who Weren’t...

The woman was completely covered as she breastfed her 7-week-old and was apparently nowhere near anyone's sons, but that didn't stop a nearby cretin from berating her over it.

Indiana Dad Goes Viral for Hawking ‘Free Ass Whoopins’

A father of five set up a corporal punishment stand in his driveway to dole out paddlings to naughty children. Reviews were mixed, and the backstory is kinda messed up, too.

Social Media Star Baby Chanco Has the Most Gorgeous Hair

A 6-month-old Japanese girl has become an Instagram star with posts about her luscious locks – and it's easy to see why so many are in love.

Mom Pops Beach Ball at Metro Detroit Kidz Bop Concert

This local mom's been dubbed a 'party pooper' by the internet, which unleashed a rash of shame over some Kidz Bop concert crowd footage that's gone viral.

Dad Slammed for Letting Son Play on Train Platform’s Edge

The dad in question let his son lie on the platform with his head over the tracks. He says it's NBD but the Internet is furious, and we're wondering why he ever allowed it.

Mom Angry Over ‘Hooker’ Shorts for Sale at Target

In a viral Facebook post, a mom is accusing Target of selling 'hooker type shorts' to teenage girls. Is she overreacting or should Target clean up its act?

Woman’s ‘Mom Voice’ Scares Away Bear

The bear began to climb onto her porch, but instead of panicking, the woman put on her mom voice. And apparently that's all you need to scare off a bear.

Mom vs. Anxiety Viral Video Shows the Struggle is Real

We all have an internal dialogue, but mom and blogger Tiffany Jenkins' video blog shows just how much that voice can impact your day-to-day life.

Shaming Kids Online is a Growing Parenting Trend

More and more parents are posting "child shaming" videos to YouTube as a form of discipline, but we think it's ineffective and just sullies your relationship with your kid.

Boys Get Twice as Much Allowance for Chores as Girls

Boys receive an average of $13.80 per week while girls get $6.71 weekly, according to data from BusyKid.com.

Teacher Gives Student ADD Award in Mock Election

The 13-year-old actually has ADHD, so when his teacher gave him an award essentially mocking his condition, the teen's mom got angry – and we don't blame her.