Oh Mother

Pony Up Daddy ‘Dad Saddle’ is the Weirdest Gift You’ll Want...

Kids can ride on your back with this 'daddy saddle.' This strap-on saddle is odd, or sure, but, we still think it should be wrapped under the tree this year.

Woman Finishes College Finals While in Labor

One mom proved that nothing would stop her from bettering her future – and her child's future – when she completed her finals before giving birth.

Top Cringe-Worthy Parenting Moments of 2017

The New Year is almost here, and we're taking a look back at all of the parenting news that made us say, 'Oh Mother' this past year.

Mom Takes Her Son 1,100 Miles to See The ‘Real’ Santa

Moms would do just about anything for their kids but one Texas mom took that to another level when she went to the ends of the earth for her son this Christmas.

Viral Video Hilariously Depicts the ‘Man Cold’

Does your husband ball up in the fetal position when he's sick? If so, this mom's video will make you LOL.

Mom Charges Family for Christmas Dinner

One mom charged her family for a Christmas meal, which left us asking if people are really that out of touch with true holiday spirit.

Dad Turns Toddler Son into Real-life Elf on the Shelf

The Utah father of six and man behind That Dad Blog takes a holiday tradition to another live-action level with his young kid.

Mom Tries to Record Daughter’s Bullies as Evidence, Ends Up Facing...

One Virginia mom got frustrated when school administrators wouldn't help with her daughter's bullies, so she set out to collect proof and it landed her in hot water.

Grandma Shames Daughter for Breast-feeding

It's one thing to be shamed by strangers, but when the judgment comes from your own mom, it takes things to another level.

Is it Bad for Kids to Believe in Santa?

Does your kid believe in Santa? Psychologists claim that the belief could harm children and diminish how much they trust their parents.

Should Parents Wax Their Preschooler’s Upper Lip?

A parenting magazine suggested that if a preschooler's upper lip hair is impacting their happiness that parents should wax it – and parents are peeved.

Kids Giving Makeup Tutorials on YouTube

Increasingly, 4- and 6-year-old girls are showing off their perfect makeup applying skills on the internet. But aren't they too young for that?