Oh Mother

Insurance Company Asks Mom to Pay $132K for a Sculpture Her...

The Kansas mom says the community center didn't house the statue safely enough and that neither her nor her son is liable. Security footage seems to tell a different story.

Kids Learn a Nursery Rhyme to Help Survive a School Shooting

Little 5-year-old children in Massachusetts were taught a school shooting survival song to the tune of 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star' – and I have so many thoughts about it.

Mom Says Dressing Toddlers in Bikinis is Inappropriate

One user on Mumsnet, a UK website for parents, says that two-piece baby bathing suits aren't OK but letting a baby swim nude is fine – and she's completely lost us with that logic.

Can Dads Please Get Changing Tables in the Men’s Bathroom?

Even though dads are more hands-on with their kids, public bathrooms still don't have changing tables in the men's restroom. What's it going to take to change that?

Dad Reveals Hack to Lull Kid to Sleep With a Sex...

Most parents will admit that having an overly exhausted infant is no fun but would you use a vibrator to put your baby to sleep?

Child’s Account of Imaginary Friend is Creepy AF

Imaginary friends are common for kids, but would you totally freak out if your child's pal only came to visit at night?

Parents Sue 30-Year-Old Son After He Refused to Move Out

He did nothing to contribute so they told him to get out. He said 'no' so they took him to court to make him leave – and they're right to do so.

Dad Live Tweets His Experience Chaperoning a Fifth Grade Science Trip

A bus filled with 60 fifth graders tested one dad's patience so he took his feelings to Twitter. We can totally relate to his struggle but we also realize that teachers do this daily.

Mom Gets X-Rated Surprise After Ordering Squishy Toys for Son

The mom snagged a 30-piece assortment of squishy toys from Amazon with a special surprise inside – and mom's reaction was priceless.

People Are Calling This Baptism Ritual ‘Abuse’

A video of a priest dunking an infant during a Greek Orthodox baptism has caused some concern. Was this priest too rough or is it no big deal?

Everyone or No One Makes the Cheerleading Squad at This New...

After a parent complained that her child didn't make the team, an athletic director in East Hanover, New Jersey passed a rule that everyone makes the team – or no one does.

Jimmy Kimmel Proves Most Kids Can’t Read Analog Clocks

Schools in England started to remove analog clocks because kids can't read them. This Jimmy Kimmel segment proved the schools right, but we're not sure why people are so surprised.