Oh Mother

Mom Says Think Twice About Getting a Dog If You Plan...

A mom of three urges young couples who plan to have children to shy away from getting a puppy. Read her thoughts - and how people have responded.

Manhattan Parents Pay $400 an Hour for Play Date Consultations

This service for private school prep is all the rage in New York, but is cashing in on the social awkwardness of young kids helping socialite parents move in the right direction?

Mom Shows Up Uninvited to Daughter's Wedding, Causes Scene and Gets...

A Trenton, Mich. mom arrives unannounced - and intoxicated - to her daughter's wedding. When forced to leave, she intentionally crashed into her daughter's car.

Baby Helicopter Parents: Spreadsheets and 'Smart' Diapers

Slow your rolls, moms and dads. Are diapers that monitor baby's urinary health and using Excel to track of every moment of a child's life simply TMI?

UK Mom Hollie McNish's Poem on Breastfeeding Shame

In a video that's gone viral, a young British mother's powerful poetry about hiding in public restrooms to breastfeed her baby is hitting home.

New Breast Milk Flavored Lollipops Hit the Market

Lollyphile, a Texas-based lollipop company, released its newest flavor this week - and the kid-friendly treat has caused quite a stir.

Fourth Grader Makes School Lunch Documentary, Wins Awards

Critics and audiences are 'eating up' an 11-year-old's film 'Yuck: A 4th Grader's Short Documentary About School Lunch' about the dreaded cafeteria food at his public school in NYC.

'Toddlers & Tiaras' 2-Year-Old Contestant Drinks Coffee Daily

Alexa Hensley has an adult-sized appetite for sweets, thanks to mom - who's been giving her daughter coffee every morning since she was 9 months old.

Tween Singer Makes Music Video That Worries Some Parents

The 10-year-old rapper Sophia Grace has released original song 'Girls Just Gotta Have Fun.' Is this talented British girl acting too old for her age?

College Student Fakes Kidnapping to Dodge Telling Parents About Bad Grade

19-year-old Aftab Aslam received a failing grade in English for the second time and was so afraid to tell his parents, he went to great lengths to hide.

Parents Take Children's Problems into Their Own Hands

These two 'vigilante' moms (and a few dads) illustrate the saying 'I'd do anything for my kid.' Would your 'Mama Bear' instinct prompt you to do the same?

Feminists Protest Barbie Dreamhouse in Berlin, Germany

The iconic plastic doll has a 27,000-square-foot real-life home temporarily on display in the European city. Little girls are swooning, while feminist groups are fuming.