Oh Mother

The Mom Tattoo Trend

After having child No. 1, more mothers are opting to celebrate their kids in ink. Has parenthood inspired you to do the same?

Dad 'Punishes' Teen Daughter in Renaissance Sword Battle

In a bizarre twist on corporal punishment, a Washington father, trained in Renaissance fighting, allegedly forced his kid into a two-hour fight.

Moms Give Transgender Tween Son Hormone Blockers

What would you do if your 11-year-old son truly felt he was a girl? These California parents have decided to delay puberty for a few years.

See Ya in a Month, Baby: Postpartum Confinement Trend in East...

Right after giving birth, some wealthy Asian moms hit the spa, relax - and stay separated from - their newborn babies for several weeks.

Crotchless Panties for Sale at a Kids and Teen Store

Colorado - and local - parents are outraged over 'kiddie lingerie' thongs that were marketed at teens in a new mall store.

The Sweet Talkin' Ken Doll

The Mattel doll gets way toned, Bieber hair - and a weird voice recorder that lets your kid make him say whatever she wants. Are you buying it?

Boy, 7, Locked in Coffin as Punishment

He's accused his mom and her boyfriend of the bizarre abuse, which allegedly happened in the basement of the couple's Pennsylvania home.

Drunk Dad Lets Daughter, Age 9, Drive Van

A father from Brownstown, Michigan is in hot water after allegedly allowing his tween kid to take the wheel - and bragging about it on video.

Mom to Give Birth in Art Gallery

Birth as exhibit? Marni Kotak, a Brooklyn artist and soon-to-be mother, is doing just that as she prepares for her first child - 'Baby X.'

Awful, Weird and Worse: Kids Halloween Costumes

Trashy tweens, weapon toting tykes, creepy clowns and kids with six packs: These store-bought duds are truly scary.

Allowing Your Teen to Have Sex – In Your House

Angelina Jolie's mom was cool with it when her kid was just 14, and the actress says it's a good thing. Pros and parents pipe up on a taboo topic.

Mom Artist Dresses Baby as Hitler – and More

A Danish-Norwegian parent also channeled Mussolini, Stalin and other 'evil historical figures' through her daughter for a photo series.