Oh Mother

'Toddlers & Tiaras' 2-Year-Old Contestant Drinks Coffee Daily

Alexa Hensley has an adult-sized appetite for sweets, thanks to mom - who's been giving her daughter coffee every morning since she was 9 months old.

Tween Singer Makes Music Video That Worries Some Parents

The 10-year-old rapper Sophia Grace has released original song 'Girls Just Gotta Have Fun.' Is this talented British girl acting too old for her age?

College Student Fakes Kidnapping to Dodge Telling Parents About Bad Grade

19-year-old Aftab Aslam received a failing grade in English for the second time and was so afraid to tell his parents, he went to great lengths to hide.

Parents Take Children's Problems into Their Own Hands

These two 'vigilante' moms (and a few dads) illustrate the saying 'I'd do anything for my kid.' Would your 'Mama Bear' instinct prompt you to do the same?

Feminists Protest Barbie Dreamhouse in Berlin, Germany

The iconic plastic doll has a 27,000-square-foot real-life home temporarily on display in the European city. Little girls are swooning, while feminist groups are fuming.

Pregnant Hockey Fan Stays Entire Game Despite Going Into Labor

Mom-to-be Donna Lebano was at a Chicago Blackhawks playoff game last week when she started having contractions. But the devoted fan stayed to see the win before giving birth.

'Baby Mugging' Photos an Adorable New Parent Trend

Moms and dads are taking photos of their little ones 'inside' coffee mugs - and the results are super cute.

Mom Blogger Designs 'Tool' To Teach Kids About Birth

Blogger from 'One Classy Motha!' makes and sells Beaver Baby, a rather uncomfortable educational 'tool' to teach curious children exactly where babies come from.

'Collective Parenting' Comment by MSNBC Host Sparks Viral Firestorm

Pundit Melissa Harris-Perry says kids 'belong' to the 'community' in a TV spot promoting her show. It's got conservatives angry, some even crying 'communist.'

British Mom Regrets Having Kids, Shares View in Article

This UK woman's two children are grown; she's even a grandmother. But she wishes she'd stayed childless. Her blunt opinion piece has shocked many.

Smart PJ's for Kids Tell Bedtime Stories – With Your Smartphone or Tablet

An Idaho dad invents what's being called the 'world's first and only interactive pajamas.' Would you buy a pair to lull your children to sleep?

Mom Leaves Infant in Car with Note While She Shops

A New Zealand mother left her baby asleep in her locked vehicle while she went shopping. How do we know? She left a note to explain - you know, just in case there was a problem.