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Brilliant Boys: The Little Lock Picking Toddler and 9-Year-Old Socrates

A pair of super-smart kids have made a viral splash on YouTube. Would you rather be parent of the toddler thief - or grade-school philosopher?

Teen Publicly Humiliated at Corner of Busy Intersection as Punishment for 'Disrespectful Behavior'

Two Florida parents resort to a tough-love method of parenting after other forms of punishment did not work, and they're getting harsh backlash.

Mom Calls 911 To 'Scare' Toddlers Into Good Behavior

Melissa Townsend of Florida tried to get police to come to her home to teach her two kids a 'lesson' in respect. It's got parents fired up over this disciplinary action.

Family Gets Restaurant Discount for Well-Behaved Kids

A restaurant owner in Washington state surprises a table with free treats and a $4 discount on their bill - simply because their kids kept calm during dinnertime.

New York City Shaming Teens into Not Getting Pregnant

A major U.S. city is taking a stance on teen pregnancy by discouraging youngsters with ads that make them feel guilty. Is it a good idea?

The Onion Calls 9-Year-Old Actress the C-Word on Twitter

The satirical news group sent a crude tweet about young Oscar nominee Quvenzhane Wallis. Did they take satire too far? Twitter users and moms react.

'Weather Kid' Gives Impressive, Adorable Forecast

William Hallman, 9, of Fargo, North Dakota charms with his entertaining and charismatic presentation of the weather on his local news station.

7-Year-Old Boy from New York Handcuffed in Police Station

At first, this kid was a victim. Less than 24 hours later, the public cried bully. In an era of rapid-fire reporting and social media, it's a sobering reminder to get the whole story before passing judgment.

Dolce & Gabbana Selling a Fragrance for Babies

The famous fragrance maker seems to think there are a lot of stinky infants out there, and it plans to fix that - with its new baby perfume.

Cops and Robbers: Kids' Play Gets First Grade Student Suspended

A 6-year-old at a Maryland elementary school gets in serious trouble after making an imaginary handgun gesture during recess.

Mom Buys Son an iPhone for Christmas – with a Contract

Mom Janell Burley Hofmann gifted her 13-year-old son a smartphone for the holidays, but it came with 18 strict rules on how and when to use it.

Oh Mother Year in Review: Top 10 Crazy Parenting Moments of 2012

If it's shocking, stupid or just plain silly, these parents have done it in the past year. Here's our roundup of the most memorable Oh Mother blog stories.