Oh Mother

Disappointed Dad Sends Three Grown Kids Brutally Honest Email

A retired naval captain from England is 'bitterly' let down by the way his children are living life. Was his email too truthful?

Breast Milk Baby Breastfeeding Doll Gets Mixed Reviews

Now hitting the U.S. market, this Spain import toy is getting praise and criticism. Is it a valuable educational tool - or just age-inappropriate?

Mom Demands Oak Trees be Cut Down for Kids with Nut Allergies

While some schools have banned peanut butter from cafeterias to protect allergic kids, one mother wants a 100 percent nut-free school - including acorns fallen from trees.

9-Year-Old Utah Girl Dominates in Tackle Football

Sam Gordon has become a YouTube sensation after her dad posted a video of her mad skills. Some cheer on; others are concerned about her safety.

Moms and Marijuana: Pot in School Brownies, Breast Milk

An elementary kid passes out his mom's weed-laced dessert to classmates. And another mother passes on weed to her baby - by nursing the child.

Blogger Dad Attacks 'It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown'

One parent causes backlash after he calls for the retirement of Charlie Brown's holiday TV specials, claiming they promote bullying.

Parents of Athletes Get in Violent Altercations at Kids' Sports Games

From college football mom Lawanda Ann Alford's outburst to dads punching each other at peewee baseball games, some parents are throwing insults and fists.

Frighteningly Bad Kids Halloween Costumes

Too sexy, too gruesome and way too politically incorrect for comfort, these inappropriate getups beg the question: Should we laugh or should we really be scared?

Mom Goes On Strike To Teach Kids A Lesson

When Jessica Stilwell got tired of being a maid to her three children after long days at work, she quit cleaning without warning - and blogged about it.

New Father's Distracted Dad Photo Series Goes Viral

A Maryland father creates a photo series mocking the 'distracted dad' stereotype - and becomes an instant internet sensation.

Dad Publicly Shames Toddler Daughter for Pooping in the Shower on Reddit

Father claims he was just making light of a messy situation - but plenty of parents think this latest web humiliation of a kid is a load of, well, you know.

Mom Potty Trains Toddlers in Utah Restaurant

Toilet training can be a 24-7 job for moms of toddlers, granted. But this woman thought doing it during dinnertime - in public - was a perfectly fine approach.