Oh Mother

Toddlers and Tiaras Alum Honey Boo Boo's Pet Pig Glitzy Saga

The former T&T star, now leading her own TLC show, gets a pet pig after losing a pageant - and then loses the swine, too. Sweet, or just spoiled?

Teens and Bragging: A Normalized Practice or A New Way Of Socializing?

With Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, more kids are sharing everything about their lives - including how much stuff they have. Is this bragging or just a part of changing social norms?

Ypsilanti Girl Found Living in Uninhabitable 'Hoarder' House

Startling images of garbage, filth and feces in a Washtenaw County home of a mom and her 10-year-old disturb, outrage southeast Michigan region.

Famous Pediatrician Accused of Waterboarding Daughter

Melvin Morse, brilliant researcher and former Oprah guest, allegedly performed this interrogation tactic on his tween. Dad says she's making it up.

Teen Passes Out After Four Days of Uninterrupted Video Gaming

An Ohio kid collapses after barely breaking from playing Modern Warfare 3 on his Xbox. Taking blame? Lack of sleep, dehydration and absent parents.

Kids Duct-Taped in Plastic Boxes; Woman Kidnaps Baby in Tote Bag

Two sad stories of child 'confinement' involve two Ohio parents' claustrophobic punishment - and a California woman whose lie about being pregnant prompted a bizarre crime.

Bad Parenting Choices: An Oh Mother Roundup

Drunk driving with the kids strapped to the car hood. Urging tykes to fight - and taping it. Letting a 5-year-old swim with sharks. Yep. They went there.

Weird (and Ridiculous) Parenting Apps for Smartphones

Looking for a way to stalk your teen while they're driving? Or is your ultrasound just not snazzy enough? Never fear, moms and dads - there are, apparently, apps for that.

Kirk Gibson, Detroit Baseball Icon, Skips Son's Graduation

His excuse? He was at work, managing his pro ball team in Arizona. Dad's decision has some critics crying 'foul' in southeast Michigan and beyond.

Bye-Bye Bald Babies: Company Sells Wigs for Newborns

Online company Baby Bangs hawks hair pieces for baby girls. Is this a darling, harmless fad? Or just an unnecessary, and kinda creepy, waste?

Swedish Moms Say They Have Sex With Partners – While Baby is in Same...

A mom magazine survey says about three in 10 admit to the practice. Is this bed sharing gone too far? Or is it really not that big of a deal?

A Dangerous Disney Makeover: Not-So Pretty Princesses

Prince Charming better step aside. A deviantART user shows off the fierce new heroines in town. But are these images empowering or degrading?