Oh Mother

Dad Beats Child for Dropping a Baseball, Gets Caught on Video

Anthony Sanchez, also an elected California official, is in big trouble for hitting his stepson after his neighbor filmed the scenario and posted it online.

Loud Mom Gets Arrested after Cheering too Loud at Kid's Graduation

Parents were forewarned. Still, a shocked South Carolina mother was jailed for screaming as her daughter got her high school diploma. And this bizarre incident isn't isolated.

Mom Angry about Mock Award her Daughter Got at School

A teacher in Tucson gave Cassandra, 8, a 'Catastrophe Award' for most excuses for not having her homework - prompting the girl's mom to cry 'bully.'

Southeast Michigan Mom Forces Daughter to Shoplift – Then Strands her Kid in Jail

Police arrest an 11-year-old girl for stealing at Old Navy in Troy after her mother allegedly makes her steal more than $100 worth of clothing and accessories.

Laundromat Mishap: Dad Puts Son into a Washing Machine

And it turned on with the toddler inside. The kid was OK, but the security camera video footage has gone viral, sparking plenty of outrage.

Tanorexic Mom vs. Human Barbie Mom – Clash of the Weird

We paired up two bizarre blog dominating mothers of young girls for one big Oh, Mother showdown. Which wins the 'strangest' title? It's a close call.

Mom Breastfeeds Her Toddler Son on Time Magazine Cover

The controversial image of a 26-year-old mom nursing her 3-year-old kid is meant to capture the 'attachment parenting' trend. How's it hit you?
Bad TV moms

The Best of the Bad TV Moms

They're detached, overbearing and manipulative with more bite than bourbon. Meet eight of the worst bad TV moms on the tube as of 2012.

Parents Sue When Son is Kicked Out of Class for Cheating

The California sophomore copied homework and got expelled from his honors English class. His dad's lawsuit has lit off a fierce ethical debate.

Dad Punishes, Humiliates Kid By Making Her Wear Sign That Says 'I Like to...

An Illinois father is drawing backlash - and praise - for the unapologetic, Scarlet Letter style public punishment he doled to his daughter, who's 8.

Alicia Silverstone Chews Son's Food – and Spits It into His Mouth

Is this celeb mom's mouth-to-mouth method of feeding her kid, Bear Blu, a sweet bonding experience? Or is the mama bird routine just weird?

Kids Easter Egg Hunt Canceled – Because of Parents

When moms and dads jumped a kids-only barricade last year, a park in Colorado Springs decided to kibosh the neighborhood event in 2012.