Oh Mother

Mom's Diet for 'Obese' Daughter, 7, Outrages Parents

Dara-Lynn Weiss micro-managed her 'fat' kid's food intake private and publicly for a year and - after Bea lost 16 pounds - wrote a jaw-dropping article about it for Vogue.

Huggies Diaper Ad Jabs at Dads, Gets Pulled

When the diaper company turns to the age-old sales pitch of clueless dad, it triggers backlash from a generation of fathers who are more involved.

Parents Forget their Kids at Chuck E. Cheese's

In both Maryland and Texas, parents manage to leave behind their kids after parties - in one case, it was the birthday girl - and not notice for hours.

Detroit Child's Death Blamed on Baby Shower Fight

Delric Miller, a 9-month-old boy, is dead. Family members blame an argument. It's a sad case in a city hit with a heavy homicide toll in 2012.

Mom Induces Labor So Dying Husband Can Meet Baby

A Texas mother of five gave birth to daughter Savannah a couple weeks early so dad would get a chance to hold her before he died.

Lego Friends: Does the New 'Girl' Version Go Overboard?

It's been a top-seller, but drawn criticism from some parents and gender equality activists. Is the toy building-block company crossing the line?

Facebook Parenting: Dad Gives Teen Daughter a Tough Lesson

In a viral video, a North Carolina father reads and refutes his kid's wall rant about her chores and parents – and shoots up her beloved laptop with a gun.

Man Arrested for Texting Nude Photos of Girlfriend's Daughter Allegedly

Arizona guy is in trouble for trying to teach the girl a 'lesson' by forwarding the photo he found on the teen's cell phone to nearly 40 of her friends.

Mom Jailed When Kids Were Late to School Seven Times

Running about 10 minutes tardy got one mother of three elementary-aged girls arrested. Parent 'neglect' - or a case of the law going overboard?

Fat Kids Targeted in Anti Childhood Obesity Campaign

Georgia's controversial new Strong4Life ads spotlight five overweight children in an attempt to get parents and kids to 'wake up' to this problem.

Dudela: A Doula for Dads?

A new father posts a prank ad for a male version of the for-hire birthing companions for moms. Find out who's LOL-ing - and who's miffed.

Casey Anthony's Video Diaries Draw Backlash

The Florida mom acquitted of murdering her daughter is back in the public eye with a pair of vlogs that her attorneys allege were leaked.