Tips for Going Screen-Free with Your Family

Too much time on Facebook or Instagram, or too many hours in front of the television? Here are some ways to get unplug with the family.

Dutton Farm's Thrifts and Gifts to Employ People with Special Needs

The local nonprofit for individuals with special needs created a shop where people of different abilities can work and earn money.

Upping the Prom Stakes: Teen Promposals Sweep High Schools

Prom? Kids are amping up the pitch with crazy creative presentations that rival wedding proposals. And, of course, posting the pix on social media.

Local Mom Pepper Sprays Chuck E. Cheese's Patrons in Troy

A Hamtramck woman's anger got the best of her at a southeast Michigan location of this kids party chain. What sparked her frustration at fellow patrons?

Animator Dad Turns Toddler’s Antics into Awesome Videos

Quick, jaw-dropping footage by DreamWorks visual effects guy Daniel Hashimoto make his 3-year-old son's everyday play turn into epically amazing adventures.

Working Mom's Open Letter to Gwyneth Paltrow

On the heels of her conscious uncoupling aka divorce from Coldplay's Chris Martin, the actress and mom of two manages to offend working moms around the world.

Local Resources for Parents of Deaf Children, Hard of Hearing Kids

Looking for assistance, support and resources for your deaf or hard of hearing family or child? Check out this list of local organizations.

Helping Your Child With Separation Anxiety

How can you make sure you're not making your child's anxiety worse when you leave them at preschool or with the babysitter? Get tips here.

Girls and Labels: Stopping the Negative Name Calling

Good girls are calling themselves derogatory names, and thanks to rap music and television, it's the norm. How can you get your daughter to stop?

Easter Seals Story: Finding The Right Therapy for Autism

Therapy caused frustration for the Terry family. But with the help of Easter Seals Michigan, they found a program that has opened up a whole new world.

Boy Banned From Bringing 'My Little Pony' Lunch Bag to North Carolina School

After being bullied for his lunch bag, 9-year-old Grayson Bruce was told to leave the sack with one of his favorite cartoon's characters on it at home.

New Jersey Teen Demands Parents Pay for College, Bills

In a complex family feud, an 18-year-old cheerleader and honor student sued mom and dad, claiming they kicked her out. So far, a judge isn't making them pay.