Two Mothers Respond to Negative Feedback Over Parenting Choices

A Pennsylvania mom filed a civil complaint against her employer for unsanitary conditions for pumping breast milk, while another mom filed a complaint against a South Carolina hospital over a nurse's nasty note.

New Studies Uncover Possible Early Detection of Autism

Two recent findings may help identify autism in the first few months of life - and assist in reducing its prevalence. A local autism expert weighs in.

Mothers Use Private Facebook Group to Bully Toddlers

Cyberbullying typically involves tweens and teens, but a new group has jumped on the bandwagon: moms. They took to the social media site to bash a bunch of toddlers, some disabled or with genetic disorders.

Woman to Pass Out Obesity Letters to 'Obese' Kids For Halloween

Trick-or-treating is an autumn highlight for kids. But a North Dakota woman is taking 'fat letters' to a new extreme by passing them out to kids she feels are obese for Halloween.

Mom Publicly Shames Thief Who Stole Son's Pumpkin from Porch

A Washington D.C. mother of two leaves a big chastising letter, complete with expletive, for the Grinch who snatched Halloween from her 2-year-old kid.

First Grade Teacher, Mom Anne Labadie

Kids are a big part of Anne Labadie's day, considering she's a mom and first grade teacher at Silver Springs Elementary School in Northville. She shares her success story of balancing both.

Wayne State University Lecturer, Mom Amanda Esquivel Salo

This Bloomfield Township mom-of-two shares her story and tips on how she balances her full-time jobs as mom and lecturer at Wayne State University in Detroit.

The Effects of Sibling Aggression

Much like bullying, sibling squabbling, whether psychological or physical, has a negative impact on a child's mental health, a new study says.

Former Beauty Pageant Queen, Mom Blasted on Facebook

Maria Kang, a California fitness activist, defends herself against 'haters' accusing the mother of three of body shaming in a photo with a controversial caption.

Dad Takes Horror Movie-Style Photos of His Young Daughters

Joshua Hoffine stylizes terrifying shots of kids, including his own, with zombies, monsters - even 'dead' moms. Are these nightmare scenes spectacular or sick?

School Sends Letter Home About 11-Year-Old Girl's Weight

As part of its annual BMI checks, a Florida middle school told a mom her daughter's index was higher than it should be. In fact, the tween is considered overweight.

New Greenfield Village Playscape Welcomes Kids of all Abilities

The Henry Ford in Dearborn opens its play area at its historic outdoor spot on Oct. 5, 2013. The play area is designed for all children, including those with special needs