A hand dropping coins into a swear jar

What Words Do You Use Instead of Swear Words?

Kids are little sponges, especially when it comes to words you don't want them to say. One mom wants to see what words other parents use instead of swear words.

Ties That Bind: What Connects Us All

Despite our differences, we're all human and there are some things that connect us to one another. These are some things that bring us together according to local parents and kids.
A blue monster sitting on the ground near a skateboard, holding his knew with the word mom in pink above him

Why Kids Go To Mom First

Ever wonder why kids go to mom when they are hurt or want attention? It starts as a baby and is completely normal.

Simple Tips for Successful Travel With Your Child on the Autism Spectrum

Is holiday travel in your future? Get prepared for a fun and successful experience with advice from an expert at Gateway Pediatric Therapy.
a collage of covers of kids books about U.S. Elections

10 Kids Books About U.S. Elections

Election season is the perfect time to teach your kids about our democracy and these kids books about U.S. elections can help you start the lesson.

Talking to Kids About Nasty Campaign Ads

All politicians do it, but the nasty campaign ads they run can send some seriously mixed messages to our kids. Here's how you can talk to your kids about these ads.
A blonde woman smiling at the camera

The Most Effective Tip for How to Discipline a Child

The key to how to discipline a child? A metro Detroit child psychology expert and Growing Leaders' CEO say to focus on consistent prevention vs. punishment.
Illustration of happy boy with scared girl

Tips on How To Connect With Your Teenage Son

Do you ever find yourself wondering how to connect with your teenage son? Here are nine tips from a therapist.

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Creepy castle on a dark background with a full moon

10 Michigan and Detroit Urban Legends to Spook Your Teens

We may not be Transylvania, but Detroit urban legends abound in our neck of the woods. Share a few with your older kids to make their skin crawl – just a bit.
Bowl of candy with a sign that says trick or treat etiquette

Trick or Treat Etiquette

From kid-friendly costumes to proper candy requesting behavior, here are some no-nonsense rules for this year's Halloween fun that every family should know.
Couple looking at one another angrily

How Parents Argue May Affect Kids’ Well-Being

Arguments are a given in any relationship. It's how parents argue in front of the kids that can disrupt their emotional stability.