New Michigan Laws for Families in 2021

COVID dominated lawmakers’ thoughts, but there are a few new Michigan laws that might interest families in metro Detroit and Ann Arbor.

What Kamala Harris Means to a Local Black Mom

A Detroit mom of two talks Kamala Harris and what the swearing in of the first Black woman Vice President means to her family.
Crying girl surrounded by illustrations of germs and protest signs

Making Kids Feel Safe When The World Feels Scary

The world isn't always sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes it can feel like a really scary place, especially for kids. Here are some lessons we can teach our kids to help them feel safe when the world feels scary.
A man and woman sitting on the floor high-fiving

The Happier Divorce: Parents Are Embracing Conscious Uncoupling

Modern-day methods for conscious uncoupling are making 'the D word' less intimidating.
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Simple and Fun Budgeting Activities for High School Students

Give your teen a head start for financial success — and spark his or her interest, too — with these fun budgeting activities for high school students.

News Sources for Kids

The world can be a scary place but that doesn't mean that you should shield kids from its realities. These news sources for kids can help keep your family up-to-date on what's happening in an age-appropriate way.

How Parents Can Navigate Stressors and Successes with a Child With Autism

Involved parents can maximize developmental success for their child with autism. Healing Haven's Dr. Jennifer Badalamenti shares why parent training is key for families with developmental needs.

Ann Arbor 11-Year-Old Hits Primetime in Kids Baking Championship

The youngest contestant on this season's Kids Baking Championship, Nemo Tsai, started in the kitchen at his parents' Ann Arbor restaurant.

The Importance of Kindness This Year

After a rough year, we offer a reminder of the importance of bring a bit of kindness into 2021.
The opening scene from Disney+ on a TV

5 Problematic Disney+ Movies You Need to Talk to Your Kids About

Not all the classic Disney movies are sunshine and rainbows. Here are five problematic Disney+ movies that feature scenes, characters or storylines you need to talk to your kids about.
MLK Day Service Projects

10 Service Projects to Try at Home for MLK Day

Celebrate the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. from home this year with these MLK Day service project ideas.

Books to Read During Black History Month

February is Black History Month and the perfect time to read books about Black people that made history. Here are some of our favorite picks.