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Being Thankful for Being a Parent

Five simple ways that you can become more grateful – and, some days, happy! – that you're a mom or dad.

Prom Redo With Mom Prom Event

South Lyon mom of three Betsey Crapps started this nationwide movement. Read more about Mom Prom here.

Pass on the Vino, Please: Choosing Not to Drink

While TV and movies have made drinking look even more appealing, not everyone is doing it. Here, one local mom talks about choosing not to drink.

Favorite Teen Songs, Women’s Bachelor’s Degrees and More

Plus, find out the weight of the world's largest rubber band ball, how long it took to make the first Peeps marshmallow treat, and facts about Dr. Seuss.

Meet Katie Cook, Brighton Mom and Cartoonist

From darling 'Star Wars' droids to her own little monster Gronk, Brighton mom Katie Cook makes a living drawing seriously adorable characters.

Active School Shootings: What You Should Know and Kids Should Do

The Parkland school shooting sparked a national debate on how to keep kids safe at school. While lawmakers argue, a local officer offers his advice for parents and kids.

Tulip, Orchid and Dandelion Theory: Kids and Sensitivity

Get details on the tulip, orchid and dandelion theory, plus learn how to create the best environment for your child to grow.

Orchid Child Characteristics

A local clinical psychologist offers insight on orchid child characteristics and how parents can help their sensitive orchid child thrive.

Responding to a Kid’s Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity

Alleged conversion therapy workshops at a local church sparked anger in the LGBTQ community. So, what's a better way to handle a child's coming out? A local therapist weighs in.

Do We Really Want to Know What Causes Mass Shootings?

Republican. Democrat. Doesn’t matter. We should all be able to agree that we’ve got a problem with mass shootings in this country. And we should all be committed to fixing it. I’m open to being wrong about what I think the issue is. Are you?

Easy Ways Parents Can Show Their Kids Their Love

Wondering how to show love to your kids? Instead of roses, we offer a dozen ways to display your affections, from kitchen and game bonding time to twists on little notes and just listening.

How to Keep Seeing Posts From Metro Parent on Facebook

Want to stay in the loop on local events, get parenting advice and more? Follow this the step-by-step for app and desktop users so you don't miss a thing.