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An asian woman hugging two young children who are looking at her while sitting on the couch

Mom Mantras: Share The Little Phrase That Gets You Through

Is there a phrase that gets you through the long and stressful days? Share your "mom mantra" with us for a chance to be featured in our magazine and a shot at a $50 Amazon gift card.
Girl playing with a diverse toy for kids

Diverse Toys for Kids

Are you looking for diverse toys for kids? These brands have you covered with toys of all races, religions and abilities.
Black woman and girl shopping in a toy store

Online Black-Owned Toy Stores

Looking to support small businesses owned by people of color this holiday season? Grab your kid a toy or two from these online Black-owned toy stores
A hand holding a smart phone over a sleeping baby

When to Know It’s Right to Start a Family Instagram Account

Family Instagram accounts are all the rage but how do you know when it's the right time to start one for your fam? We've got tips to help you make the dive.
Girl in the dark staring at her phone

8 Bad Apps for Kids That You Don’t Want on Their Phones

Discover some of the top bad apps for kids. Plus, a metro Detroit expert shares safety tips that go beyond monitoring what kids do on that smart device.
drawing of a child kicking a sign

How to Talk to Another Parent About Their Child’s Behavior Problems

You're not trying to be a tattletale, but sometimes you have to approach a fellow parent about her kid. Here are some tips on how to talk to another parent about their child's behavior.
Woman crying with her head in her hands while looking at a laptop

Caring for Your Mental Health if the Election Doesn’t Go Your Way

No matter how the election turns out, some voters aren't going to be happy. If the results leave you feeling upset, here are some ways to cope.
A hand dropping coins into a swear jar

What Words Do You Use Instead of Swear Words?

Kids are little sponges, especially when it comes to words you don't want them to say. One mom wants to see what words other parents use instead of swear words.

Ties That Bind: What Connects Us All

Despite our differences, we're all human and there are some things that connect us to one another. These are some things that bring us together according to local parents and kids.
A blue monster sitting on the ground near a skateboard, holding his knew with the word mom in pink above him

Why Kids Go To Mom First

Ever wonder why kids go to mom when they are hurt or want attention? It starts as a baby and is completely normal.
a collage of covers of kids books about U.S. Elections

10 Kids Books About U.S. Elections

Election season is the perfect time to teach your kids about our democracy and these kids books about U.S. elections can help you start the lesson.

Talking to Kids About Nasty Campaign Ads

All politicians do it, but the nasty campaign ads they run can send some seriously mixed messages to our kids. Here's how you can talk to your kids about these ads.