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Transitioning Kids from Believing in Santa to Becoming Santa

Having a chat with children about St. Nick can is a time-honored challenge. But helping them realize they're capable of becoming Santa is a very powerful lesson.

Tips on Teaching Kids the Joy of Giving Presents

The holidays are the perfect time to start teaching kids about giving. Help them learn the joy of giving presents and not just receiving them.

Messenger Kids, The Facebook Messenger App for Children

Messenger Kids, a free video calling and messaging app for children ages 6 and 12, touts being a safe and private way for kids to communicate.

How to Raise Kinder, Less Entitled Kids

A local parenting coach offers five tips on how to raise kinder, less entitled kids in today's world.

Should You Buy Your Kid a Laptop for Christmas?

Did a laptop land on your kid's holiday wish list this year? Two local computer experts share tips for parents on choosing the best laptop for kids.

8 Tips for Parenting a Highly Sensitive Child

Think you might have a highly sensitive child living under your roof? Learn how to deal with a sensitive child and understand them, too.

The Greatest Gifts Parents Can Give Kids

They don't come under a tree but they keep giving after the holidays. Here are the best non-material gifts for kids this holiday season.

Bucket List for Children: 101 Things to Experience

Many adults have one, but what about a bucket list for children? Here are some experiences every local child should have before growing up.

5 Steps to Make YouTube Safe for Kids

As questionable content on the popular site makes headlines, follow these tips to make YouTube safe for kids and keep inappropriate content off their devices.

Parents’ Moderate Drinking Upsets Kids

That's according to new findings by the UK's Institute of Alcohol Studies. But what's considered 'moderate,' exactly – and just how much does it impact kids?

Why I’m OK with Mom Sales Pitches

'They're just making a living,' a metro Detroit mom of three says. Read her opinion here.

Beyond Sibling Squabbles: When the Bully is Blood

What happens when sibling squabbles cross a line and it actually becomes bullying within your own home and among your kids?