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Close up of a lawnmower

What are Lawnmower Parents, and How Can They Cut Back?

Protecting your kids is priority No. 1. But what if that goes to the extreme? Learn about the so-called lawnmower parents – and what to do if you're one.
Kid in a bow tie puts thumbs up in the air behind a desk

9 Ways to Get Kids Involved in Election Season

Voting is an important piece of our democracy. Teach kids this lesson with these nine fun ways to get kids involved in elections season in 2020 and beyond.
Sad girl on a bus

Dealing With Back-to-School Anxiety

A new study says talking about it with your kids helps soothe September jitters. Plus, discover five tips for addressing back-to-school anxiety.
An image of a Black Lives Matter protest

Tips to Explaining Black Lives Matter to Kids with Disabilities

Everyone needs to talk about the racism and inequality that has plagued our nation. Here are some tips on explaining Black Lives Matter to kids with disabilities.
Girl in a shirt from Kido Chicago

9 Black-Owned Clothing Brands for Kids and Babies

Looking to support more Black-owned businesses? These Black-owned clothing brands offer adorable outfit options for kids.
An Illustration of three children in a polaroid photo

Tools and Advice for How to Help Kids Make Friends

It can be daunting to figure out how to acquire pals, especially during a pandemic. Wondering how to help kids make friends? Here are some tips and insights for parents.
Girl playing with a diverse toy for kids

Diverse Toys for Kids

Are you looking for diverse toys for kids? These brands have you covered with toys of all races, religions and abilities.
Nude mother and baby on a blue background

Is It OK for Kids to See Parents Naked?

Have you ever wondered if it's OK for kids to see parents naked? Find out what a metro Detroit board-certified psychologist has to say.
a Black woman in lotus pose

9 Ways to Practice Self-Care During Black Lives Matter

A global movement for equaltiy can have a huge affect on our mental health. Here are a few ways you can practice self-care during Black Lives Matter.
Pregnant woman sitting on a couch with an older woman

Is It OK That My Kids Aren’t Calling My Parents By Their Grandparent Names?

A local mom wrote in and says her husband won't let their kids use her parent's grandparent names. Other parents offer their advice on how to handle it.
Two woman laughing while looking at a phone

Mommy Needs A Laugh Facebook Group Provides Entertainment for Moms

Learn about the local mom behind the hilarious Facebook group, Mommy Needs a Laugh, which has more than 3,600 moms laughing along together.
Group of young boys from Building Better Men raise their hands while looking at Odis Bellinger

Building Better Men Mentoring Program Inspires Young Men in Detroit

The Building Better Men program focuses on building up Black and Brown boys through mentorship, classes and community support.