Parenting Issues & Tips

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Is It OK That My Kids Aren’t Calling My Parents By Their Grandparent Names?

A local mom wrote in and says her husband won't let their kids use her parent's grandparent names. Other parents offer their advice on how to handle it.
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Mommy Needs A Laugh Facebook Group Provides Entertainment for Moms

Learn about the local mom behind the hilarious Facebook group, Mommy Needs a Laugh, which has more than 3,600 moms laughing along together.
Group of young boys from Building Better Men raise their hands while looking at Odis Bellinger

Building Better Men Mentoring Program Inspires Young Men in Detroit

The Building Better Men program focuses on building up Black and Brown boys through mentorship, classes and community support.
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10 Houseplants that Families Should Avoid

Having houseplants can really liven up your home, especially in the gray winter months but parents should be aware of these houseplants that families should avoid.
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Supporting Your Child’s Religious Choices

As kids get older they start to develop their own beliefs, and sometimes that's tough for parents. Here's how to best support your child's religious choices.
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Helping Kids Cope When a Sibling Moves Out of the Home

Every parent will eventually experience empty nest syndrome. But younger siblings can struggle when a sibling moves out. Here's how to help their transition.
A little Black girl hugging her doll

The Importance of Racial Representation in Toys

A Detroit mom of two talks about the wake-up call she had while she and her daughter looked for a doll at Target and the importance of representation in toys.

Grandma Knows Best? New Poll Finds Most Parents Don’t Think So

A new national poll from C.S. Mott Children's hospital found that relationships between parents and grandparents are strained.
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9 Black Music Artists for Kids

Expanding our kids' media to include creators of different ethnicities is an important piece in raising them to be anti-racist. Here are nine Black music artists for kids to add to your playlists.
A man giving a speech at a Black Lives Matter protest

A Parent’s Guide to Black Lives Matter

Are you struggling to find the words to explain the Black Lives Matter movement to your kids? This handy guide to Black Lives Matter can help.
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Parenting Lessons from Around the Globe

American parenting is the great democracy. Ever stop to wonder, though, how our counterparts in other countries handle this whole kid-rearing thing? Read on for a bit of perspective – and, perhaps, inspiration.
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Names Parents Give Private Parts When Talking to Kids

The cutesy names parents give private parts when talking to kids are commonplace. After all, it can feel less awkward in the moment. But does it really benefit kids?