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Art Mom in Charge

Art and Apples Festival Sept. 5-7 4-7:30 p.m. Friday 9 a.m.-7:30 p.m. Saturday, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Sunday Rochester Municipal Park, Sixth and Pine streets, downtown Rochester $5/suggested donation; art/food prices vary 248-651-4110 Apples might...

Social Savvy: Raising Kids Who Can Make Connections

At each stage of development, there are things parents can do for their kids to help them with social skills and making friendships.

Five Ways to Build Structure in Your Family

From chore charts to meal plans, here are a few ways to keep families organized.

Physicians Advise Parents to Read to Children Daily

Family story time is just what the doctor ordered! The American Academy of Pediatrics wants physicians to urge early literacy at birth. Why the big push?

Parents Spanking Children as a First Resort

More parents are using corporal punishment to discipline kids for all sorts of trivial reasons, according to a new study. A local psychologist weighs in.

Shaka Senghor Goes From a Tough Past to a Bright Future

Before he was motivational speaker Shaka Senghor, he was an inner-city youth who ended up on a rough path. Now, he hopes his past will inspire others.

Screen-Free Week, Day 5: Giving In But Not Giving Up

What caused this minor setback on day five? Read here for the details.

Families Unplug for One Week in Screen-Free Challenge

Three local families forgo their tablets, TVs, computers and smartphones for one week. Find out how they fared and whether you could go screen-free like them.

Tips for Going Screen-Free with Your Family

Too much time on Facebook or Instagram, or too many hours in front of the television? Here are some ways to get unplug with the family.

Girls and Labels: Stopping the Negative Name Calling

Good girls are calling themselves derogatory names, and thanks to rap music and television, it's the norm. How can you get your daughter to stop?

Former Metro Detroit Mom Jasinda Wilder Authors Steamy Reads

This metro Detroit native's erotic page-turners could make '50 Shades Of Grey' turn red. But the real kicker? The books she penned saved her family from foreclosure.

New Year’s Resolutions for Parents

How to be better to your kids and yourself by breaking bad habits and without adding more to your plate.