Parenting Issues & Tips

Parents’ Moderate Drinking Upsets Kids

That's according to new findings by the UK's Institute of Alcohol Studies. But what's considered 'moderate,' exactly – and just how much does it impact kids?

Why I’m OK with Mom Sales Pitches

'They're just making a living,' a metro Detroit mom of three says. Read her opinion here.

Beyond Sibling Squabbles: When the Bully is Blood

What happens when sibling squabbles cross a line and it actually becomes bullying within your own home and among your kids?

No Gifts for Parents, Mariah’s Millions and More

Plus, stats and facts on kids' fave books, snow squalls and blanket shortages.

Why I’m Fed Up with Mom Sales Pitches

A Berkley mom of two says, 'pals before paychecks, please.' Read her stance here.

Pilgrim vs. Modern Parents: How Parenting Has Changed

Thanksgiving is here, which makes us think: raising kids today is rough. How has parenting changed for today's families vs. those fresh off the Mayflower?

Safety Rules for Kids to Help Avoid Child Abductions

Keep your children safe from stranger danger and avoid a possible child abduction incident with these safety rules for kids.

Digital Self-Harm: A Surprising Issue Among Adolescents

A recent study found that 6 percent of kids ages 12-17 actually bully themselves online. A local expert weighs in on why and how to help.

Bath Time Tips for Kids – Your Guide to Keeping Children...

How often do you bathe an infant? How do you coax antsy toddlers into a tub or convince your tween to wash up daily? Here's advice galore for parents.

Breaking Tradition During the Holiday Season

During the holidays, family traditions are sacred. Whatever your reasons for switching it up, here's how to do right by your family while keeping peace and breaking tradition.

7 Apps You Don’t Want on Your Kid’s Phone

Plus, a local expert shares five crucial safety tips that go beyond just monitoring your child's apps.

New Baby, Intrusive In-laws

Here's our primer on how moms (and dads) can successfully deal with and balance intrusive mother-in-laws, father-in-laws and new baby, and set some boundaries, too.