Parenting Issues & Tips

10 Examples of Patriotism That Parents Should Teach Their Kids

What should American children know about our country, and how can parents instill patriotism for kids at their home? Teachers share these 10 examples of patriotism.

What Parents Should Know About Raising an Introverted Child

Learn common signs of an introverted child, and how to handle uncomfortable situations, so you can understand and embrace your child's 'quieter' personality.

Should Parents Tell Kids About Their Past?

How much should you reveal about your partying or promiscuous pasts? Depends on what kids ask, in part. Get insights here on where to draw the lines.

6 Ways to Stick to Your ‘No’

Don't let the begging get to you; follow these tips to help you stand firm.

Michigan’s Fireworks Law: Keeping Your Family Safe

Looser rules have local fire departments worried about the summer holidays. Here's what you should know – and how to ensure safety for your kids.

Dad and Daughter Duo Seun and Morenike Phillips of Troy

Read on for more about this Oakland County dad and his 3-year-old little girl.

Dad and Daughter Duo Ryan and Anna Moore of Rochester Hills

This dad can't always be by his daughter's side but when he is, he makes sure their time together is extra special.

Dad and Daughter Duo Butch and Leila Barnes of Walled Lake

16-year-old Leila is definitely a daddy's girl – but things weren't always this way. Read more about their unique bond.

What to Do When Your Child Talks Too Much

Do you have a motormouth kid at home? Here's what to do when your child talks too much – and how to cope without squelching their spirit.

Oh, Daddy: Top 10 Celebrity Pops That Rock Our World

In no particular order, a list of famous fathers who have shown commitment to their partners and children – that we wish our husbands and kids' fathers were just a BIT more like.

Parenting Skills Brush-Up Advice: Six Simple Steps to Start

Feeling rusty? Even great parents need a little recalibration. Get insight from a lead parent coach to help any mom or dad get back on track.

Should You Pay Your Kid to Score Goals?

'Incentivizing' kids with monetary rewards for their athletic achievements is a surprisingly common practice, but is it a good idea?