Parenting Issues & Tips

25 Years of Parenting: A Look Back and Ahead

We've come a long way since 1986! On our 25th anniversary in 2011, Metro Parent looked at how family philosophies, models, discipline trends, worries and more have evolved.

What's Your Parenting Personality?

Drill sergeant, loosey-goosey or somewhere in between? Check out these six types and see where you fall.

Radio Dad Craig Fahle

Covering Detroit news, community and culture on 101.9 FM, radio-show host Craig Fahle's call letters are WDET - and DAD.

Love & Hate: I Love When My Husband Steps Up

Moms do a lot of kvetching when their husbands don't help around the house. But we've got to also give them credit when they do!

Bribing Kids

Is it useful for cooperation - or a sure-fire way to create entitled children?

Love & Hate: I Hate Being Less Fashionable Than My 10-Year-Old

While I continue wearing my same old at-home-mom attire, my daughter is developing a sense of fashion that is leaving me far behind.

Tips to End Bullying – for All Kids

Teaching children tolerance and compassion toward their peers, LGBT or otherwise, starts at home. Here are ways parents can bring the message home.

Love & Hate: I Love Being a Mom with Bifocals

I was surprised to discover that getting my first pair of bifocals did not throw me into a tailspin.

Love & Hate: I Hate My Kids' Spring Wardrobe

While the calendar tells us it's time to break out the pastel colored shorts, halter tops and flip flops, the weatherman has a very different message.

Teaching Kids How to Buy Stuff

There's lots for kids to learn before they make purchases of their own. Let's break it down.

The Only Child

As the number of only kids in families grows, especially with the economy sputtering, experts weigh in on this bad rap.

What’s a SAHD? A New Breed of Dad for a New Time

In an increasing number of American homes, fathers are staying home to raise the kids while mothers are the sole breadwinner.