Talking About Race

Today’s headlines and the Black Lives Matter movement make it clear: It’s more important now than ever to have healthy, ongoing conversations with our children about race and racism in our country. In this space, Metro Parent is focused on giving you resources, perspectives and advice to start creating change where it matters: right in your own home.

A Parent’s Guide to Black Lives Matter

A man giving a speech at a Black Lives Matter protest
Are you struggling to find the words to explain the Black Lives Matter movement to your kids? This handy guide to Black Lives Matter can help.

Know Better, Do Better to Raise Anti-Racist Kids

Image of Maya Angelou smiling
Metro Parent's COO talks systemic racism, how it has affected our communities and how it is important that once you know better, you do better to end it.

Raising Anti-Racists

A white woman and a black woman holding lifted hands as they walk toward a sunrise
Learn the differences between tolerance and anti-racism, get tips on raising anti-racists and learn some of what you need to know about racism in the 21st century.

11 Black Influencers That You Need to be Following

Black woman talking to a camera
From fashion to lifestyle and even some activism, these Black influencers can help you diversify your Instagram feed.

10 Multicultural Movies and Shows for Kids

Brandy from Cinderella
It's important that kids of all ethnicities see themselves in our media. Here are some multicultural movies and shows for kids that feature characters of color.

A Call for Black Voices

A Black mom and her child
Metro Parent is trying to create a space for the voices of Black parents in Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor to be heard. Here's how you can get involved.

Teens are Organizing and Leading Black Lives Matter Protests

A collage of photos from Taylor Martin's protest
We spoke with a metro Detroit teen who planned a Black Lives Matter protest about her experience, her passion and how important it is for young people to speak up.

8 Learning Activities to Help Discuss Race with Kids

Two little girls hugging and smiling
Are you looking for a way to broach the topic of race with your kids? These 8 activities to help discuss race with kids are a good place to start.

Tips to Breaking Through Racial, Ethnic and Religious Barriers

Group of kids of different races playing in a pool together
The world is a diverse place and sometimes there are barriers to overcome to get to know others. Here are some tips to breaking through racial, ethnic and religious barriers.

10 Anti-Racism Resources for Kids and Families

A group of kids of different races smiling together
It's so important to be anti-racism. These online anti-racism resources can help you and your kids understand racism and why we all should stand against it.

5 Problematic Disney+ Movies You Need to Talk to Your Kids About

The opening scene from Disney+ on a TV
Not all the classic Disney movies are sunshine and rainbows. Here are five problematic Disney+ movies that feature scenes, characters or storylines you need to talk to your kids about.

Celebrating Juneteenth With Kids

The word "Juneteenth" on a red, black and green background
Juneteenth — aka Freedom Day — falls on June 19 and celebrates the abolition of slavery in America. Here are some ways you can celebrate Juneteenth with kids.