Talking About Race

Today’s headlines and the Black Lives Matter movement make it clear: It’s more important now than ever to have healthy, ongoing conversations with our children about race and racism in our country. In this space, Metro Parent is focused on giving you resources, perspectives and advice to start creating change where it matters: right in your own home.

Kids’ Movies with Anti-Racist Themes

Images from Zootopia and Trolls
Educating kids on racism is a great way to raise kids who stand up against racism. These kids' movies with anti-racism themes are a great way to start.

The Color of Autism Hopes to Empower Families

Camille Proctor getting a kiss on the cheek from her son
The Color of Autism Foundation works to educate and empower Black families of kids with autism through ongoing parent training and other resources.

Detroit Librarian Pens New Book

Detroit author with her book
S.F. Hardy, a Detroit librarian was frustrated that at the lack of books for boys and kids of color so she wrote one made just for them.

Tips to Explaining Black Lives Matter to Kids with Disabilities

An image of a Black Lives Matter protest
Everyone needs to talk about the racism and inequality that has plagued our nation. Here are some tips on explaining Black Lives Matter to kids with disabilities.

9 Black-Owned Clothing Brands for Kids and Babies

Girl in a shirt from Kido Chicago
Looking to support more Black-owned businesses? These Black-owned clothing brands offer adorable outfit options for kids.

9 Ways to Practice Self-Care During Black Lives Matter

a Black woman in lotus pose
A global movement for equaltiy can have a huge affect on our mental health. Here are a few ways you can practice self-care during Black Lives Matter.

Building Better Men Mentoring Program Inspires Young Men in Detroit

Group of young boys from Building Better Men raise their hands while looking at Odis Bellinger
The Building Better Men program focuses on building up Black and Brown boys through mentorship, classes and community support.

The Importance of Racial Representation in Toys

A little Black girl hugging her doll
A Detroit mom of two talks about the wake-up call she had while she and her daughter looked for a doll at Target and the importance of representation in toys.

Diverse Music Artists for Kids

a Black man playing a guitar
Expanding our kids' media to include creators of different ethnicities is an important piece in raising them to be anti-racist. Here are 13 diverse music artists for kids to add to your playlists.

A Parent’s Guide to Black Lives Matter

A man giving a speech at a Black Lives Matter protest
Are you struggling to find the words to explain the Black Lives Matter movement to your kids? This handy guide to Black Lives Matter can help.

Know Better, Do Better to Raise Anti-Racist Kids

Image of Maya Angelou smiling
Metro Parent's COO talks systemic racism, how it has affected our communities and how it is important that once you know better, you do better to end it.

Raising Anti-Racists

A white woman and a black woman holding lifted hands as they walk toward a sunrise
Learn the differences between tolerance and anti-racism, get tips on raising anti-racists and learn some of what you need to know about racism in the 21st century.