Talking About Race

Today’s headlines and the Black Lives Matter movement make it clear: It’s more important now than ever to have healthy, ongoing conversations with our children about race and racism in our country. In this space, Metro Parent is focused on giving you resources, perspectives and advice to start creating change where it matters: right in your own home.

Books to Help You Explain Racism to Kids

A collage of books that explain racism to kids
Are you finding it difficult to find the words to explain racism to your kids? These 13 books break down this difficult topic in an age-appropriate way.

Pint-Sized Protests: Books for Kids Who Want to Make Change

Group of kids reading a book together
Want to inspire your kids to rise up and take on change? These dynamic youth books are sure to inspire the next generation of young change-makers and get those seeds planted early.

10 Tips to Address Diversity with Your Kids

Different color hands being raised
It's important to discuss race and diversity with your children at home. A psychiatrist and race relations expert offers practical advice for parents on how to address diversity with your kids.

Multicultural Children’s Books That Showcase Diversity

A collage of covers from multicultural children's books
These 10 multicultural children's books feature main characters with different ethnicities, identities and special needs.

Introducing Different Cultures to Your Kids Through Books About Diversity

A collage of different book covers from books about diversity
Exposing kids to different cultures is important all year long. Here's a list of some great books about diversity that families can read together to increase their cultural awareness.

Protest Tips for Families

Woman standing with a megaphone at a protest
People around the world are protesting police brutality and supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. If you want to be involved with your kids, consider these protest tips for families.

5 Resources for Talking to Kids About Race

Hands on top of one another
The recent Black Lives Matter protests around the globe offer the perfect opportunity to talk to kids about race and racism. These resources can help start that conversation.

Talking With Kids About Race

A Rubik's cube with shades of brown
Trayvon Martin. George Floyd. Ferguson. 'I Can't Breathe.' These headlines are just part of the reason all parents should have a talk with their kids about race.

With Elena Reads, Tween Blogger Aims to Inspire Kids and Share Diversity

Elena Reads
This 10-year-old metro Detroit kid shares her love of reading with other kids in Michigan and around the world with her book blog, Elena Reads.