Special Needs Resources

New Greenfield Village Playscape Welcomes Kids of all Abilities

The Henry Ford in Dearborn opens its play area at its historic outdoor spot on Oct. 5, 2013. The play area is designed for all children, including those with special needs

Special Needs Children Have Higher Rate of Sleep Challenges

Proper rest is important for all children, but especially those with special needs. Here's what you should know and how you can help your child sleep soundly.

Letter To Special Needs Parents

Milford mom Angela M. Shupe shares advice she says she wishes she'd been given when her daughter was diagnosed with Down syndrome.

4th Wall Theatre Company Gives Spotlight to Special Needs Kids

A mobile southeast Michigan troupe offers theater as therapy - and a chance to thrive - for children with autism, Down syndrome and more.

Shakespeare Against Cancer Helping Sick Children

This local theater group entertains southeast Michigan kids battling cancer with special in-hospital performances.

Juvenile Idiopathic (Rheumatoid) Arthritis and Its Impact on Kids

This autoimmune disorder doesn't just affect elderly people. Sometimes, children are impacted, too. Luckily, treatments and outlooks have improved for kids

Raising Special Needs Children, Tips from a Veteran Metro Detroit Mom

Annie Lubliner of West Bloomfield has an adult son, Jonah, who has autism. Here are her eight key tips for any parents who have kids with special needs.

Walnut Lake Preschool and Development Kindergarten in West Bloomfield Helps Special Needs Kids

An Oakland County school is pioneering a unique approach to teaching children with developmental disorders in southeast Michigan.

The Promise of Cord Blood for Kids with Special Needs

Stem cells could offer a better life for some children, like a little girl with cerebral palsy here in southeast Michigan. Will more families explore the possibilities?

Gluten Free Alternative Ingredients for Kids and Parents

Whether you have celiac or special needs diets in your family or are simply curious, try these seven easy and tasty swaps in your favorite recipes.

Dads Dealing with a Special Needs Diagnosis in their Kids

It's tough for any parent - but for fathers, it can be even tougher to accept, cope and feel hope. Some local dads share their stories and offer insights.

New Guidelines for ADHD in Kids

They now cover a wider span of ages. Get insight on the updates, signs parents and doctors should look for, and recommendations for treatment.