Special Needs Resources

A ‘Different’ Kind of Discipline: Disciplining a Special Needs Child

Like all kids, those with special needs require boundaries, incentives and consequences. Here's what to consider. You just might be surprised by how many similarities they share with their neurotypical peers.

Adaptive Sports for Kids with Disabilities and Special Needs

In search of adaptive sports for kids with physical or developmental disabilities? Here are local sports programs for kids with special needs in the metro Detroit and Ann Arbor areas.

Sensory Processing Disorder in Kids

Some children are hypersensitive to – or detached from – everyday sights, sounds, touches and tastes. Here's a look at Sensory Processing Disorder, and how southeast Michigan therapy helps.

Down Syndrome: Facts vs. Fiction

In honor of World Down Syndrome Day on March 21, 2018, learn what Down syndrome is and what's real and what's not about the condition.

A Lifesaver for Kids With Special Needs

Michigan Alliance for Families' parent mentors help children in special education – by helping their parents navigate the system.

What is Extreme Picky Eating and How Do You Treat It?

Amy Hengstebeck of Kaufman Children's Center in West Bloomfield offers advice.

Support for Families of Kids in Special Education

Discover how Michigan Alliance for Families provides all the tools you need to navigate Michigan's special education system.

The Best Gear for a Breast Cancer Cure

Whether you're running around town or having a night on the town, show off some pink this October to raise awareness for breast cancer research.

Kids with Special Needs by the Details and Numbers

The term 'special needs' is broad, to say the least. Here's a closer look at some common childhood challenges, what they are and how many children are affected.

Meet A Michigan Man Who’s Larger Than Life

Broc Brown, 20, has a rare condition that makes him one of the tallest people in the world but this local young man's outlook easily rivals his height.

Gearing Up Against Torticollis

Learn how one local family coped with their son's congenital muscular torticollis and how helmet therapy helped the child overcome his diagnosis.

Sisters Are Among Michigan’s Top Youth Volunteers

A natural disaster prompted these sisters to create a special alarm system for people with hearing issues.