Special Needs Resources

When Should Your Child Be Evaluated for Speech and Language?

Albiona Rakipi, MA, CCC-SLP, with the Kaufman Children's Center offers advice for parents.
Two puzzle pieces that look like pizza

Fredi the PizzaMan Foundation for Autism Helps Local Schools

Sensory rooms in Michigan classrooms are getting a boost from the metro Detroit restaurateur and dad who runs Fredi the PizzaMan Foundation for Autism.
A young girl surrounded by a forest-like tangle of vines

Anxiety in Kids: Identifying and Treating This Mental Health Issue

Anxiety in kids is common, but pinpointing these disorders can be tricky, thanks to subtle symptoms that aren't clear to parents – let alone the kids themselves.
Kids roasting marshmallows over a campfire

MichTic Camp in Ann Arbor for Kids With Tourette’s Syndrome, Tics

Kids with Tourette's syndrome or other tic disorders enjoy a summer camp experience in a safe and supportive environment at MichTic Camp.
People with special needs cooking food

Nonprofit STEP in Dearborn Has Disability Transition Services

STEP in Dearborn is a nonprofit organization that offers resources to adults with special needs. Learn what they offer and how you can get started.
Macomb teen Delaney Kraemer poses with a dog

Macomb Teen With Epilepsy Writes German Shepherd Kids Book Series

14-year-old Delaney Kraemer of Macomb County wrote the German shepherd kids book series as a way to express herself and overcome her health conditions.
A young boy who has down syndrome smiles while wearing a hat

Down Syndrome: Facts vs. Fiction

In honor of World Down Syndrome Day on March 21, 2019, learn some Down syndrome facts and discover what's real and what's not about the condition.
A young child sleeping under a blue weighted blanket

Weighted Blanket Benefits for Kids With Special Sleep Needs

They've become wildly popular, but they've actually been around for a while. Discover weighted blanket benefits for kids – and see if it's a snug fit for you.
Young boy holds his ears while looking pained

Sensory Processing Disorder in Children

Some children are hypersensitive to – or detached from – everyday sights, sounds, touches and tastes. Here's a look at Sensory Processing Disorder in children, and how therapy helps.
Turner Town Project

Turner Town Project Explores Rare Syndrome With Dollhouses

A Livonia woman showcases disabilities, particularly Turner Syndrome in girls, with mini storylines in the Turner Town Project, which tours local libraries.
X-Ability Bodycoats

Michigan-Made X-Ability Bodycoats for Kids Who Use Wheelchairs

A young girl with cerebral palsy was the inspiration behind her mom's super smart (and warm) body coat invention, now available to buy as X-Ability Bodycoats.

What is Extreme Picky Eating and How Do You Treat It?

Amy Hengstebeck of Kaufman Children's Center in West Bloomfield offers advice.