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Toddler Tantrum Dos and Don’ts

Tips on how to put a stop to your little one's temper tantrums and public meltdowns – or prevent them from happening.

Helping Toddlers Adjust to a New Sibling

Baby No. 2 is a big deal to little kids, who often feel jealous or confused. Parents can help toddlers adjust with solo time and other tips and tactics.

How to Stop Thumb Sucking

Helping your toddler kick this habit takes patience from parents and positive reinforcement, too.

Why Do Toddlers Ask Why?

Ah, the toddler 'why' stage. Preschoolers dole out an endless slew of questions! Here's why they're so inquisitive, and what parents can do about it.

Developing a Sense of Humor in Your Toddler

Belly laughs are a sign your little one is developing a sense of humor. Here's how parents can help nurture it.

Help Your Child Transition to the Big Kid Bed

How can parents ensure it's a smooth crib-to-bed transition for kids? Here are three key tips to guide you when your toddler is graduating from the crib.

Ditching the Pacifier: Helping Wean Your Toddler off the Binky

If you're dealing with this epic battle at your house, get advice from a LifeTime Medial Associates doc in Rochester Hills, who offers up six solid tips for parents.

Animator Dad Turns Toddler’s Antics into Awesome Videos

Quick, jaw-dropping footage by DreamWorks visual effects guy Daniel Hashimoto make his 3-year-old son's everyday play turn into epically amazing adventures.

The Reasons Toddlers Act So Crazy

A local expert let's parents know the lack of shame and inhibitions in your tot is all perfectly normal.

Toddler Defiance

Learn how to cope with the terrible twos and even turn 'em into important life lessons.