Why Do Kids Whine, and What Can You Do About It?

No, it's not just to annoy parents (well, not on purpose). So why do kids whine? Learn about what drives it – and how to stop a whiner in his or her tracks.
illustration of a pink baby monster holding onto green monster's leg

What’s the Clingy Kids Phase in Toddlers All About?

Young children often go through periods of major clinginess. Find out when the clingy kid thing is typical, when to be concerned and what to do either way.

Why Kids Love Fake Food, and Why It’s Good for Them

No, we're not advocating processed foods. We're talking pretend play with plastic kitchen sets and toy food. Kids love fake food. Here's why it's a great thing.
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Toddler and Baby Play Groups and Venues in Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor

Parents with infants and tots searching for toddler and baby play groups in metro Detroit, Ann Arbor and beyond, look no further!
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Crayola Color Bath Dropz for Toilet Training and Other Great Hacks

Four local moms spill their favorite parenting hacks including Crayola Color Bath Dropz for toilet training, a spare towel secret and more.

Michigan Native Jennifer Fox Settles Her Family in Her Home State

Shelby Township mom of two Jennifer Fox shares some of highlights in her young parenting journey so far, from the zoo to a strong grandparent-grandkid bond.
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Stool Toileting Refusal: Why Toddlers Refuse to Poop in the Potty

Has your toddler suddenly stopped pooping on the potty? It's called stool toileting refusal and if you aren't familiar, here's an introduction and how to address it.
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Would You Pay Cash to Avoid Tantrums?

One recent report found that a lot of parents would dish out big bucks to stop their kids from throwing a fit. Would you consider paying cold hard cash to avoid tantrums?
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The Wonder Years vs. Testy Toddlers: A Love-Hate Relationship

Metro Parent’s Editor-in-chief discusses why she feels that the toddler years are magical and also how this developmental stage can also be tough on parents.

Tips For Toilet Training a Child on the Spectrum

Parents can achieve toilet training success with any child. Discover how with five tips from Lauren Lobbestael, Clinical Director of Gateway Pediatric Therapy's Dearborn location.
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Best Vacation Spots for Families With Toddlers

Want to take an unforgettable family trip – with little ones in tow? Try these 10 best family vacation spots for families with toddlers around the U.S.
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What to Do if You Have a Pigeon-Toed Toddler or Young Child

When should parents worry that it's not something their child will grow out of? See what a local expert says about having a pigeon-toed toddler or young kid.