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Teen Privacy: The Closed-Door Policy

Somewhere around age 12, kids start locking their bedroom doors. Decide where you'll draw the line on tween and teen privacy.

Cutting Off Cuddles: When Kids Don’t Want to Give Hugs Anymore

Let your tween take the lead on giving hugs and kisses – or not.

Digital Self-Harm: A Surprising Issue Among Adolescents

A recent study found that 6 percent of kids ages 12-17 actually bully themselves online. A local expert weighs in on why and how to help.

How to React if You Find Out Your Teen is Sexually...

No one wants to think about kids being sexually active but it's a part of life. Learn how to put the brakes on underage sex and how to cope if it happens.

Adjusting to a New Sibling: Helping Teens with the Transition

Being parent to a later-in-life child can be tricky when you've already got older kids. Here's how to assist older kids with adjusting to a new sibling.

Why Do Teenagers Swear?

Why do teenagers swear and what can parents do to stop it? Gain some insight and help your child clean up his or her language (sans soap).

Fudging the Facts: Why Some Tweens Tell Tall Tales

A local psychiatrist weighs in on what to do when your tween's imagination hits overdrive.

Is Your Tween Too Cool to Trick-or-Treat?

It's totally normal for tweens to feel too old to trick-or-treat, but they can still have some spooky fun. Here are five ideas.

Tips for Staying Connected to Your Teen Son

Find yourself wondering 'what are some things to do with my teenage son to keep us connected?' Here are nine tips from a therapist.

Wet Dreams and Boys: How to Deal With This Part of...

It's totally natural but can be an uncomfortable thing to address with your son. A local expert offers advice.

When is It OK to Leave the Kids Alone at Home?

Want to run an errand? It could be time to leave the kids alone at home. Here are a few ways to know if your child is prepared.

Why Girls Hide Their Monthly Period From Their Parents

Periods can be awkward. Sometimes so much so that girls will hide their monthly period from their parents. Find out why they do it and how you can help.