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Why Girls Hide Their Periods From Their Parents

Periods can be awkward. Sometimes so much so that girls will hide them. Find out why girls hide their periods and how you can help.

How to Deal with Self-Absorbed Teens

Does your kid think the world revolves around her? Here's what's going on with self-absorbed teens – and what parents can do to address it effectively.

Why Smart Teens Do Dumb Things

Blame their brains. Here's a look at the reasons and what you can do.

Teaching Your Daughter How to Use a Tampon

Want to teach your daughter how to use a tampon? A local doctor weighs in with tips and information for parents.

How to Set Curfews for Teens

Learn how parents can keep their tweens and teens safe with firm yet fair rules and consequences. Read this advice on curfews for teens.

Top 5 Sneaky Places Teens Hide Drugs

Parents beware: After reading this list, you’ll start seeing the drug-concealing potential of every household item. Get informed with this insightful read.

How to Shave Properly: Tips for Tweens and Teens

Kids facing a hairy situation? Here is some advice for boys and girls on how to shave properly when they're ready to tackle razors.

Is Your Child a Fortnite Addict?

Here are six signs that the game is taking over your tween or teen's social life.

Voice Breaking in Boys: What You Should Know

It's one of the embarrassing signs of puberty in boys. So, why exactly does voice breaking happen? And how can parents help their teen cope?

How to Avoid a Teen House Party While You’re Out of...

A southeast Michigan teen house party drew 400 guests and got parents talking about leaving teens home alone. Here's what experts recommend.

Are Teen Summer Jobs a Thing of the Past?

Today's 16-to-19-year-olds are less likely to secure summer employment. What's the deal, and how can you help your teen land a job this summer?

What Causes Jealousy Between Friends?

Got a green-eyed monster on your hands? Find out what causes jealousy between friends and what parents of tweens can do to address it.