Tweens & Teens

How to Talk to Teens About Underage Drinking, Drugs

While summer is when more teens try drugs or alcohol for the first time, partying can happen any time. Parents can help prevent this risk-taking behavior.

Teaching Teens About Giving Gifts

Presents don't have to cost kids that much money. Here's some advice and creative ideas for parents to share.

What Parents Should Know About Teenage Marijuana Use

Current trends and attitudes make pot seem acceptable. Concerned your teen's smoking weed? Learn about marijuana, effects on teens and signs to look for.

Teenagers and Social Media: Helping Teens Avoid Social Media Mishaps

With so many apps that keep us connected, it's easy for kids to get hooked and too often, their online presence goes bad. How can parents keep their teens safe?

Tips for Teaching Your Teen How to Be a Good Leader

It's easy for teens to succumb to peer pressure, but there are three things parents can do to foster their adolescent's take-charge spirit.

Helping Teens Cope with the Long-Term Effects of a New Move

A recent study found that teens who move have higher rates of suicide attempts, depression and more. Here's how to help them cope with a new move.

Why Do Teens Take Risks?

A professor of psychiatry weighs in on why teenagers take risks and what causes risky behavior in teens.

Summer Jobs for Teens: Tips and Advice to Help Them Land...

Working during vacation is an important life experience for adolescents. How can parents help them find the right gig? Get clued in here.

Tween Anger Management

Healthfully combat outbursts and soothe that angst with these tips from a local psychiatrist.

Teen Drivers Increase Insurance Rates for Michigan Families

Planning to add your teen to your policy? Expect a hike in your insurance premium. Learn how to save some cash when the next bill comes.

When Your Teen Won't be Caught Dead in Public with You

Your kid sometimes wishes you'd just disappear. Sound familiar? Here is advice and tips on how to parent a teenager who is embarrassed to go out with you.

Teen Headaches: Causes, Concerns and Cures

There are a number of factors the cause teen headaches, including hormones, stress and lack of sleep. Learn how to identify and treat your teen's headaches.