Baby Care

Prenatal Classes Give Parents Confidence

Prenatal classes give mom- and dads-to-be a parenting primer. A local nurse weighs in on the benefits.

How to Care for Your Baby's Umbilical Cord

No need to be creeped out: Here's a new mom's primer on what it is and what to do about it until it falls off.

Cradle Cap and Babies

Why does this skin condition affect so many infants? And what should parents do to effectively treat it? Find help and advice here.

Baby Grooming Basics Tips and Advice

From nail trimming to bathing, here's what parents need to know and do when it comes to healthy bath time and hygiene routines for infants.

Drool Baby Drool: Top 10 Signs Your Baby is Starting to...

From drooling, coughing and chin rashes to diarrhea, a low-grade fever and biting and gnawing, here are some classic signals your infant is in the starting stages of teething.

Yoga During Pregnancy: What Expectant Moms Should Know

Considering pregnancy yoga? Here's what you should know about when to start prenatal yoga, what prenatal yoga poses are safe and more.

Why Kids Forget Their Earliest Memories

A study explains the cause of 'infantile amnesia' and the big benefits of not remembering those first moments of life.

Best Foods to Boost Milk Supply

A local expert says these lactation-friendly foods could increase breast milk supply but aren't a substitute for seeking professional help for low supply.

Alcohol and Breastfeeding: Can You Drink and Breastfeed?

Booze, boobs and babies – do they mix? Local lactation consultants offer tips to help you make an informed decision.

Benefits of Breastfeeding for Mom and Baby

An expert weighs in on the advantages of breastfeeding and tips on how to make it work for you for National Breastfeeding Month in August.

Should You Bank Your Baby's Cord Blood?

From storage options to the retrieval process, here's what you should know to make an informed decision about banking umbilical cord blood.

Tips for Protecting Baby from Sunburns

Heading outside with your infant or toddler? Avoid baby sunburns with proper shade, clothing, cooling agents and more advice on sun safety for babies.