Pregnancy & Baby

August is National Breastfeeding Month

The number of nursing moms has increased tremendously. But some, parents and not, still feel uncomfortable about it. What do the trends and research say?

Top Popular Baby Names for 2011 Announced

Sophia and Jacob snag the No. 1 spots - and the Bible and reality TV are big influences. Here's what the U.S. government said, plus a little southeast Michigan insight.

Craft Roundup: Baby Shower DIY Gifts

Who go generic for a new arrival? The Make It blog found five adorable, unique grabs for infants that are perfect for that special mom (or mom to be) in your life.

Exmobaby Smart Garments Onesies for Baby

Forget mood rings. This mood identifying onesie for infants claims to take the mystery out of why your baby is crying.

Organic Puree Recipes for Babies: Four Recipes

Make homemade healthy food for your infant or toddler with apples, spinach and more, all created by the mom behind blog

Gro Furniture Companion Crib

Assemble this 5 in 1 crib for your baby (or toddler - it 'grows' with them!) in two minutes flat; no tools needed. Plus, it doubles as a desk and more!

Zooper Twist Stroller

Keep your baby safe in this stylish and uber practical stroller, which offers comfort, shade and adjustments to spare.

Infant Mortality in Detroit: Finding Solutions

In the city, a new community based initiative pairs at-risk mothers with mentors to ensure they receive necessary resources for their newborn babies.

Gimme, Gimme!: Aqueduck Faucet Extender

Help make it easier for your kids clean their hands with this unique faucet extender.

Gimme, Gimme!: Buggyguard Stroller Lock

Today's baby strollers are a big investment! Parents can park them safely with this inventive retractable stroller lock.

Love & Hate: I Love Imperfect Moms, Part 2: Tina Fey...

One of the personality traits of a good imperfect mom is that she doesn't judge other moms, either.

To Swaddle or Not to Swaddle?

For parents who are confused about swaddling their baby, here are the main things you need to know