Pregnancy & Baby

Baby on the way – or in the house? You’ve come to the right place. Metro Parent’s Pink + Blue guide to all things pregnancy and baby is packed with advice and resources. Discover fellow local parents’ stories, find amazing baby swag, get the 411 on milestones and more – all focused right here in metro Detroit, Ann Arbor and elsewhere in southeast Michigan.

Eating Peanuts During Pregnancy Reduces Allergy Risk

Kids of moms who ate peanuts and tree nuts had a lower chance of developing allergies to these foods, a new study says. Could early exposure be a good thing?

Babies Can Learn Songs While in Womb, Study Says

Finnish researchers find unborn kids exposed to music recognize the tunes after birth. A metro Detroit source says it benefits infants' development too.

Top Baby's Room Trends

Whether you're expecting a boy or a girl, here are the themes, colors and furniture styles that are popular for nurseries.

Study Finds Nearly Half of Infants Have Flat Spots on Heads

Many infants ages 7-12 months old have positional plagiocephaly, or a 'flat spot,' on their heads. What causes it, and what can parents do to prevent or correct it?

Newborn Baby Sleep Patterns: Tips for First-Time Parents

Puzzled by why your child sleeps a ton at times and then is awake all night? Get insight into some of the reasons and how to smooth the adjustment.

Safe Sleep Initiatives for Babies in Michigan

Unsafe sleep habits have resulted in recent infant deaths in metro Detroit. Local government is teaming up with Beaumont Children's Hospital to educate parents on the consequences.

Teething Trials and Babies: Tips on How to Soothe Sore Gums

The entire process can take a couple years. Along the way, painful flare-ups are no picnic for infants. Here's how to soothe sore gums in your baby.

WeeHands Baby Sign Language Class in Southeast Michigan

These national classes find a home locally - first up, Birmingham in Oakland County - to help parents communicate, connect and bond with their infants.

Pregnant Kate Middleton Suffering from Extreme Morning Sickness

The Duchess of Cambridge, now expecting her first baby, is admitted to a London hospital for treatment of hyperemesis gravidarum symptoms.

Depression and Anti-Depressant Use During Pregnancy Impacts Fetal Brains

New study finds language development centered in babies brains can be inhibited or accelerated by mom's depression, or related medications, while the infant is in utero.

Proud Parents Jason and Rebecca Bolton of Ypsilanti

While expecting their second child, this southeast Michigan couple embarked on a unique photo journal journey. Check out their creative use of fruits and veggies!

August is National Breastfeeding Month

The number of nursing moms has increased tremendously. But some, parents and not, still feel uncomfortable about it. What do the trends and research say?