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Top Public Elementary Schools in Michigan

Niche released the rankings of the top public elementary schools in Michigan. Did your child's school make the best 100 list?

Explore Great Schools in Metro Detroit

Brought to you by Metro Parent's top education advertising partners.

‘Short Burst’ Tutoring In Literacy Shows Promise For Young Readers

The model combines one-on-one instruction with computer-based activities.

Who’s Teaching Our Kids? A Detailed Look at K-12 Teachers

We created a detailed break down of K-12 teachers by education level, race, and more.

Best School Districts in Michigan in 2024, According to Niche

Did your child's school district make the cut?

13 Tips to Help Elementary Students Combat Procrastination

Brought to you by Michigan Education Savings Program

What Homework Policies Look Like at Metro Detroit School Districts

Parent involvement remains key in making homework effective for students.

Roll Call Reboot: When to Decide to Keep Your Child Home From School

Are they sick or do they just want a day off? And does the reason even matter?

How Homework in America Has Changed Over The Year

Homework: The mere mention of this word can ignite fiery debates in households and schools alike.

How Can You Find Balance Between Life, School and Therapy?

Brought to you by Healing Haven

Does Your Child Need Mental Health Accommodations at School?

Brought to you by the Ethel and James Flinn Foundation

A Parent’s Guide for Handling Concerning Grades

What to do when it’s Progress Report time at your child’s school.
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3 Reasons to Visit and Enjoy the Macomb County Metroparks

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Our Favorite Passover Activities for Kids

From snacks to books and fun games, kids will learn so much about Passover.
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