Attending College

Those first few years of college are crucial. Here, young adults and their parents can find advice on attending college and, more importantly, thriving. Discover insight from experts here in metro Detroit, Ann Arbor and elsewhere in southeast Michigan.

Classes to take as a freshman in college

Good Classes to Take as a Freshman in College

No matter if you're undecided or have your entire future mapped out, discover some all-around solid classes to take as a freshman in college.
Don't have to declare a major right away

College Students Don’t Have to Declare a Major Right Away

An Oakland University graduate offers four takeaways for new college students – and explains that you definitely don't have to declare a major right away.
The self-discovery of college

How to Embrace the Self-Discovery of College

A Wayne State University student says you don't need it all figured out or to compare yourself to others. Here's her story of the self-discovery of college.
Stopping the summer melt

The Summer Melt: Why Some College-Bound Kids Don’t Go

After students are accepted to college, a percentage don't attend. Learn how to spot signs of the summer melt phenomenon – and freeze it in its tracks.