Parenting Issues & Tips

Michigan Environmental Issues That Affect Most Families

Keeping Michigan healthy has benefits for us all. Discover some of the biggest environmental problems affecting our families – and how you and your kids can be the change.

Busting Breastfeeding Myths

In celebration of National Breastfeeding Month, a local lactation consultant debunks four common breastfeeding myths.

Why August is Named August, How Much Money We Spend on School Supplies and...

Plus, sports accessibility, where Michigan lands on the home renovation list and some left-handed facts.

A Local Mom with Some Serious Pipes

Kim Johnson, local veteran bagpiper and mom, reveals how she got into playing and her secrets on how to raise a musical family.

July Tips & Tricks for Families

Learn how to pack the most ketchup into those itty-bitty cups, stop accidental lock-ins and more household hacks to try this month and beyond.

Getting Kids Up and Moving Benefits Us All

Increasing children’s daily physical activity would save our nation more than $120 billion in health care and other related expenses, a new study says.

Constructive Compliments Guidelines, Blueberry Stats and More Summer Facts

Plus, how many kids get treated for playground-related injuries, the number of pool inflatables families bought last year and other July tidbits.

Coming to Church: How One Mom is Finding her Faith

Local mom reveals her struggles in accepting organized religion, and how her devout Christian husband and new progressive church are changing her views.

Parker Tries ‘CoverKid’ on for Size

This Northville 6-year-old is Metro Parent’s CoverKids 2017 top winner.

Reports Show that Millennials are Moving Back Home

A U.S. Census Bureau report shows that one in three young adults are still living with their parents. What's behind this trend and what can families do to adjust?

Family Vacation Trends, Waffle Stats and other June Facts

Plus, what age bracket gets the biggest emotional boost from watching nature documentaries--and what Michigan city nabbed the title of best place to live in America.

Kids Want Parents to Stop Oversharing Online, Study Finds

That's just one of the findings of a new study that looked at parent and child perspectives on technology rules in families.