Parenting Issues & Tips

Social Media Primer for Kids

Whether they are on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, here are some tips for discussing the topic of social media with kids.

Raising Children Who Volunteer

Grappling with how to spark a love of volunteering in your children? Teach kids how to give back to the community at every age with these tips.

Sexting: The New 'First Base'

Sexting is now standard adolescent flirting. But stakes are high. How can you address it with your teens?

Sensitive Parenting Benefits Kids Through Adulthood

A little bit of sensitivity goes a long way, a new study says. And this form of parenting may help kids socially, academically and romantically in the future.

Tips for Teaching Teens People Skills

Do your high schooler's social skills need a little resuscitation? Try these tips.

The Importance of Date Night for Parents

Forget the excuses. Forget the guilt. It's really good for your relationship and your kids. Here are some tips on scheduling this special time.