School Issues

The Toned-Down Classroom

A new study says busy graphics and multiple colors common in kindergarten classrooms are a distraction. What is the ideal environment for young kids to learn?

Strengthening the Parent-Teacher Bond

Four keys to improve your communication with your kid's educator and boost your child's ability to learn.

Electives 101 for High School Students

They're not 'blow-off classes.' Help kids pick the right ones for plenty of perks.

Coping with Test Anxiety

How to help alleviate your elementary school-aged kid's exam apprehension.

Baking and Making

The kitchen table is the ultimate lab for little ones, developing key skills early on. Get ideas from Detroit teachers for hands-on activities.

'LOL' Care Packages for College Kids

Lots of Love Care Packages, created by registered nurse and mom Angela Howard, sends goodies and treats to students living away from home.