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My 11-Year-Old Son Wants a Reptile for Christmas. What Would You...

Maggie, of Birmingham, asks and Mike of Premier Pet Supply has the answer.

5 Reasons Met Should Be On Your Child’s Holiday Wish List

When it comes to meaningful gifts, nothing tops a Michigan Education Trust contract. Here's why.

Acupuncture at VCA Animal Hospitals Offers a Holistic Treatment Option for...

Acupuncture has a history of helping sick people, but did you know it could help your pets, too? Find out how and where you can get this treatment for your fluffy friend.

AirTime Trampoline & Game Park Offers a Fun Time with a...

Looking to plan your next birthday or family game night? Look no further. This Michigan-based park offers plenty of high-flying fun for all ages and is dedicated to giving back to locals.

The Dreaded Stomach Bug: What Parents Need to Know This Year

A top physician at Children's Hospital of Michigan explains norovirus, how it spreads and the signs your child should be seen.

Ask the Doc: A Men’s Health Q&A All Dads Need to...

Do I really need to see a doctor every year? Is this symptom normal? An expert from the DMC Medical Group answers men’s common questions.

When is Private School ‘Worth It’? Experts Say the Earlier the...

Research shows kids benefit long-term from high-quality early childhood education. Experts from Cranbrook Schools weigh in on why it's so valuable.

Parenting a Child with Tourette’s Syndrome

Learn about this misunderstood syndrome and how to get help for a child who is struggling.

Husband Won’t See The Doctor? 3 Reasons to Make Him

Some men have a hard time prioritizing health, especially with a busy family. A top DMC Medical Group physician explains why they should this 'Movember.'

What is the Best Way to Give Treats to My Dog?

Gina, of Livonia, asks and Mike of Premier Pet Supply has the answer.

Support for Families of Kids in Special Education

Discover how Michigan Alliance for Families provides all the tools you need to navigate Michigan's special education system.