How to Deal With a Difficult Father-in-Law

Dealing with difficult people isn't easy in general, but how do you cope when the toughest person to interact with is your father-in-law? A local psychologist weighs in on how to deal with a difficult father-in-law.

Simple and Fun Budgeting Activities for High School Students

Give your teen a head start for financial success — and spark his or her interest, too — with these fun budgeting activities for high school students.

A Concerned Parent’s Guide to Gun Violence and Gun Safety

America has an epidemic of gun violence. Get gun facts and stats, gun safety tips and information on gun violence in schools with this guide.

Why Some Kids Eat Things They Shouldn’t

From boogers to pen caps, here's why some kids can't seem to keep strange and stomach-turning things out of their mouths.

5 Ways to Be a Better Listener — and Why it Matters

Brought to you by Ethel & James Flinn Foundation

Spouse or Roommate? What to Do When It’s Getting Hard to Tell

When the romance has dwindled and the stress of kids and everyday life has ramped up, it's easy for couples to fall into a pattern where they feel more like business partners than life mates. How can you get back on track?

Celebrate Nutritious Michigan Cheese!

Brought to you by Milk Means More

How to Help Kids Embrace a ‘Yes’ Brain Mindset

A national expert offers tips on how can help your kid develop their brain’s prefrontal cortex for more success in school (and life).

How to Calm The Morning Rush

Do your school mornings feel hectic? Get 9 strategies that will help you eliminate morning stress and calm your daily routine.

What to Do When a Child Prefers One Parent Over the Other

Second fiddle is how many parents feel about their children's affection. Find out why your child prefers one parent over the other and what can you do.
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