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Developmental Milestones in Children

A Henry Ford Health System pediatrician weighs in on fine and gross motor skills, plus other developmental milestones.

Turning Negatives Into Positives When Interacting With Kids on the Spectrum

The Clinical Director of Gateway Pediatric Therapy's Lansing clinic discusses how celebrating daily victories and adopting a "giver mindset" helps set expectations.

A Commitment to Special Education

Educators at Roseville Community Schools are dedicated to preparing differently abled students for their futures.

Signs Your Teen is Struggling With Substance Abuse

While opioid use is on the rise, marijuana and alcohol are still top substances of choice for teenagers. Here, the director of the Macomb County Office of Substance Abuse details the top signs to look for.

How Can I Help My Child Develop Better Handwriting Skills?

Amy Hengstebeck, OTRL, with Kaufman Children’s Center offers advice for families.

5 Ways to Support Kids With Autism

When a child with autism needs support, where can families turn for help? Here, two experts from Harbor Oaks Hospital in New Baltimore offer insight and advice.

Teaching Children to Embrace Their Emotions

Is it OK to cry? A local expert weighs in on why it's necessary for children – and their parents – to express their feelings.

Building a Sensory Toolkit for Children with Autism

Katie Fisher, an occupational therapist with Blossom Behavioral Wellness Center in Novi, offers insight and advice for parents.

To Keep Your Child Active and Healthy, Think Outside the Box

Through an initiative called Project Play, the Aspen Institute and its partners are working to boost the numbers of kids engaged in healthy, active sports and play. We share their parent tips for reimagining kid-focused play.

Macomb County Tree, Shrub and Plant Sale

Green Macomb and Blue Water Conservation District host the Macomb County Tree, Shrub and Plant Sale, which sells affordable garden essentials in April.

7 Ways to Know You’re Ready to Move

Has your family outgrown your current home? Here, Mark Boettcher, owner of Lawyers Realty, offers insight on when it’s time to relocate and what steps you should take when you decide to sell your current house or move.

2020 Census Information for Macomb County Families

Every 10 years, the census records each person living in the United States – and getting accurate counts is crucial. Here, the director of Macomb County Action discusses why and how it can benefit families in Macomb County.