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Top Trampoline Safety Tips for Kids

Dave Byrum, owner of Kids Gotta Play, advises parents on the key dos and don'ts of trampoline use to ensure their kids' playtime is fun and safe.

Discover the Benefits of a Michigan Science Center Membership

Want a fun and easy way to foster an interest in science in your kids? Make going to the Michigan Science Center a regular family activity. Find out how a MiSci membership pays off – in cost and benefits.

Raising a Critical Thinker

8 tips to ensure your child is more than 'surface' smart.

Healthy Milestones at Every Stage

Learn about the importance of prenatal care, well visits for your child and more from UnitedHealthcare Community Plan.

Parenting Your Child with Special Needs

10 things every parent should know to make life better for you and your child.

Famously Franklin: Olympics-Level Swim Lessons

Nim Shapira, director of Franklin Athletic Club's Aqua Club, talks about why its swim program stands out from other swim classes.

Eye Care Especially for Kids

At Children's Eye Care, metro Detroit's premier pediatric ophthalmology practice, everything is focused on the unique needs of kids – from the additional training of their eye docs to their kid-friendly bedside manner and the toys they use to get kids engaged.

Saving Lives with Transplants

Inside Children's Hospital of Michigan's Transplant Center.

Cool New Kids Camps at Franklin Athletic Club

Franklin Athletic Club isn't just the spot for athletic camps, it also offers App and Game Design Camp, robotics camp and more this year. Plus, convenience is key for busy parents.

What’s The Best Material for a Playset?

Quality woods offer strength, stability and durability to kids' playsets and swingsets.

Is Your Child or Teen Ready for Contact Lenses?

Dr. Alexandra Williamson of Children’s Eye Care offers advice on kids and contacts.