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‘Edible’ Homemade Wildlife Christmas Ornaments for Your Backyard

Lure nature right to your family's window by transforming an evergreen or shrub into a holiday banquet of homemade wildlife Christmas ornaments for birds, squirrels and more.

Sensory-Friendly Events and Accessible Play in Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor

Enjoy a fun day in a quieter and calmer atmosphere.

Theater Shows for Kids in Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor

Take the family to one of these kids' theater shows from the fall to the spring season in 2021-22.

Portage Mom Writes Children’s Book to Help Explain Diabetes to Kids

Looking for a way to explain diabetes to kids? Check out this kids' book that was written by a Michigan mom who has Type 1 Diabetes.

Election Day Activities for Kids of All Ages

Teach your kids about the importance of voting with these fun and age-appropriate Election Day activities.

Best Family Movies and Shows That Just Hit Streaming Services in November

Find something fun to watch with your kids this month.

Kid-Friendly Holiday Mocktails

Be a mocktail mixologist and whip up one of our three recipes. These kid-friendly mocktail drinks are prime to enjoy during the holiday season and beyond.

Escape Rooms in Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor

Unleash your video gaming prowess on a wild game of wits in one of these live-action escape rooms in metro Detroit and beyond.

Holly Jolly Holiday Guide

Feeling stressed about the holidays? Get tips on navigating party pitfalls and how you can keep the peace and preserve your sanity.

Welcome Winter Door Wreath Craft

Use this DIY winter door wreath craft to open your child’s imagination to the new season.

Michigan Parents to Follow on TikTok

As TikTok grows in popularity, more and more parents are using the app to document family life. Here are some of our favorite TikTok parents who live in Michigan

Midwest Christmas Towns Families Must See

Bring the magic of Christmas to life and experience the holiday season at one of these four Midwest Christmas towns.
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