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Teens Struggle Across Nation to Find Summer Jobs For Fifth Year

The poor economy has hurt adolescents' prospects. What's the outlook for southeast Michigan kids - and what impact could it have on their futures?

Bullying Kids' Parents Ticketed by Cops in Wisconsin City

Monona police are taking a stand and making parents own up to their kids' mean or disrespectful behavior to peers by fining the bullies' families.

Moms Are Breadwinners in Many Homes, Researchers Find

Pew Research Center's recent analysis of the U.S. Census shows that more women with kids under 18 are becoming the sole or highest-earning family member. Local moms weigh in.

Study Finds Teens' Interest in Facebook is Declining

Adolescents are tiring of the social network as the adult presence on the site continues to grow and awareness of privacy increases.

Preparing Your Family for Severe Weather in Southeast Michigan

The massive tornado that devastated Moore, Okla. on May 20 is a reminder that being ready for bad weather during our own tornado and thunderstorm season is imperative.

FDA Approves Plan B One-Step 'Morning After Pill' for Ages 15 and Up

The emergency contraceptive pill is now available over-the-counter for younger girls. Experts voice support, concern and prevention in complex debate.

Kid-Friendly Products Designed to Tame Hair

Feel frustrated when it comes to your kid's out-of-control curls? Handle those tresses with these cute (and practical) headbands, gels, combs and more.

Video Games Could Help Dyslexic Kids Read

A study recently published by Italian researchers indicates that playing video games may increase attention and focus skills, leading to improved reading.

Distracted New Moms Drive Dangerously with Baby on Board

A survey of new mothers gives some scary statistics about the way they drive - from talking or texting on cell phones to tending to their tykes.

Does Anti-Social Television Content Create Aggressive Kids?

A new American Academy of Pediatrics study says educational and pro-social content really does matter when choosing preschoolers' TV programs.

Fast Hair for Mom: The Five-Minute 'Do

Kimberly Miner, a senior stylist at Texture 7 Salon & Spa in Brighton, Mich. and mom of one, shares her how-to for a quick and easy 'Sock Bun' style.

More Parents Joining Social Media Networks to Keep Tabs on Kids

Worried about negative fallout, moms and dads are joining Facebook and other sites. Here's how to keep an effective eye on your children - and prevent irreversible missteps online?
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