New Study Finds 'Mom Gene' It Claims Enables Good Parenting Skills

Genetic discovery in mice may explain why some parents may or may not have a strong urge to raise kids. How does this affect parenting?

Pacifiers May Hinder Boys' Emotional Growth

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Teen Sexting Can Be Linked To Other Risky Sexual Behaviors

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After the Colorado Movie Theater Shooting: Discussing Trauma with Kids – and Media Influence

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Bullied Bus Monitor Could Be Teachable Moment For Southeast Michigan Kids – VIDEO

The New York middle school children who harassed an elderly bus monitor could open up the floor for conversations with your child about bullying.

The Michigan V-word Controversy – and Talking to Your Kids

Rep. Lisa Brown's use of the word 'vagina' sparked debate in Lansing and beyond. When it comes to your children, how do you have the 'private parts' conversation without feeling dirty or weird?

Michigan's New Fireworks Law: Keeping Your Family Safe

Looser rules have local fire departments worried about the summer holidays. Here's what you should know - and how to ensure safety for your kids.

K2 and 'Spice' Synthetic Marijuana Banned in Southeast Michigan Communities

Worried about kids' access, metro Detroit counties are prohibiting sales of fake pot and other drugs - and state legislators could soon follow suit.

Grieving Parents Find Solidarity in Compassionate Friends

This organization offers support, help and understanding among moms, dads, families, friends and relatives who have experienced the death of a child.

Parents are Happier – More or Less – New Study Says

Bucking previous reports, findings by the Association for Psychological Science say having kids actually makes you feel better (especially dads).

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Milestones and Your Child: What's Normal?

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