Trick-or-Treat Candy Alternatives for Halloween

So you don’t want to contribute to childhood obesity and cavities, yet you still want to participate in trick-or-treating. And you’d rather not be totally lame and hand out apples or toothbrushes, either. Here are some healthy and fun alternatives to passing out candy that won’t leave you being branded the killjoy house on the block.


Stretch Island Fruit Leathers

Perhaps the best compromise between giving out candy and something healthier are these tasty fruit leather snacks. They’ll satisfy a sweet tooth without the refined sugars of a candy bar. Flavors include Autumn Apple, Orchard Cherry, Harvest Grape and more. Get a box of 30 for $14.99 at


Halloween Themed Tattoos

It’s always a joy for kids to apply a temporary tattoo – and these Halloween-themed tats come in a spooky variety of designs. This pack of 144 temporary tattoos will last you the whole night and are a fun, non-candy treat. Get them from S&S Worldwide for $10.99.


Honey Stix

These 100-percent natural honey sticks come in a variety of different flavors – and are a blast to eat. Get a colorful sample pack of flavors and you’ll be the most unique stop in the neighborhood. You can get packs of 100 starting at $15 at


Mini Play-Doh Cans

If you’re looking for a toy to replace candy, you can’t do much better than Play-Doh. This kid-loved molding clay will certainly be a hit – and, with all the candy they’ll be getting, trick-or-treaters will love this fun surprise. Get a multi-pack of 10 assorted colors at for $5.49 or find them in stores.


Utz Halloween Pretzels

Utz pretzels are a candy alternative classic. Kids can eat them in their lunch the next day – and the fun bat and jack-o’-lantern shapes make them even more appropriate for the holiday. Buy a 140-pack for $17.16 at Utz Snacks’ online shop – or find them at your local grocery store.


Rubber Spiked Bracelets

Even after Halloween, kids will want to wear these cool spiked bracelets. They’re safe, come in different colors and go right along with the popular rubber bracelet craze. Get a pack of 12 for only $4.99 on Amazon.


Yummy Earth Organic Gummy Bears

These organic gummy bears are colored and flavored naturally, so you don’t have to worry about kids eating chemical dyes and flavors found in other treats. Get them at local Whole Foods store or in bulk online at Yummy Earth (50 snack packs run about $32 plus another $3 shipping).


Spider Eraser Pencil Toppers

These creepy tarantula erasers are a sure hit with kids looking for a scare. It might sound spooky, but kids may actually be excited to go back to school after Halloween to use their new erasers. Get a pack of 36 for $6.95 at


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