Virtual Camp 2017 Science Lesson 1: DIY Fidget Spinners Physics Science

Lesson 1: DIY Fidget Spinners

Date: June 23, 2017

Welcome to Lesson 1 of the Virtual Camp from Metro Parent and Michigan Science Center

Spinning “fidget” toys are hot. But get this: You can make one of your own that gives the store-bought versions a run for their money – using a few everyday items. Plus, it’s a much more fun way to learn about the science of physics! Here, find out how to make your own DIY fidget spinner by watching the video. Then, get the guide for the spelled-out directions plus cool physics trivia, extra resources and a quiz to test what you’ve just learned.

1. Watch the experiment

2. Download your free guide

Make a DIY fidget spinner of your own and discover some cool physics trivia and resources.

3. Take the quiz

Test your science smarts with this short quiz.