Virtual Camp 2017 Science Lesson 2: Cloud in a Bottle Weather Science

Lesson 2: Weather Wonders

Date: July 7, 2017

Welcome to Lesson 2 of the Virtual Camp from Metro Parent and Michigan Science Center!

Clouds are fluffy and fun to look at. There’s a lot of science behind the scenes, though – including molecules, water vapor and condensation. Want to see how one forms? Create your very own “cloud in a bottle” with this awesome experiment that brings the weather right into your own home! First, learn how it works by watching the video. Then, get the guide for the full instructions – for the “cloud” and a bonus DIY barometer – plus cool weather trivia and extra resources – and take the test to see what you’ve learned.

1. Watch the experiment

2. Download your free guide

Make a cloud in a bottle yourself – and an awesome barometer! – and learn some cool weather science tidbits.

3. Take the quiz

Test your science smarts with this short quiz.